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CHAN 0710 - Gaffi: La Forza Del Divino Amore
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Gaffi: La Forza Del Divino Amore:
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Available From: 09 August 2004
The oratorio La forza del divino amore tells the story of Saint Teresa of Ávila (1515–1582), the Carmelite mystic who founded more than thirty Carmelite convents and monasteries in Spain. The work opens with the allegorical figure of Divine Love summoning ‘men and women of faith’ to suffer and die for Jesus. Teresa wishes to follow the example of the many ‘peace-loving virgins’ who have fallen in the glory of martyrdom, but fears for her brother Rodrigo, who would be left alone. He, however, despite his youth, declares that he is resolved to join his sister in her endeavour. In Part Two the ‘gallant pair’, now far from home, renounce all earthly joys and prepare to suffer. But Divine Love tells them to return to their homeland: they have already given sufficient proof of their faith. It is the will of Heaven that Teresa should bring glory to the Carmelite Order by becoming a messenger of Divine Love.

The musical structure of the oratorio is modelled upon that of the chamber cantata. It presents the typical sequence of recitatives and arias accompanied not only by the obligatory continuo but also by a small group of instruments comprising two violins and a trumpet. While strings and continuo were traditionally used in music for small ensembles, the presence of a trumpet excites interest, as histories of the period would not seem to acknowledge that trumpets were ever used in chamber music. Written in Rome, where the composer was employed as an organist, La forza del divino amore received its first performance in 1690 in the Carmelite church of S. Maria della Scala. The original manuscript of the work is preserved in the Biblioteca Estense in Modena. The first modern performance of the oratorio was given in May 2003.

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