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CHAN 0719
'Listening to these discs has reminded me of full of enchanting music ‘Paretnope’ is.... In sum, then, if you have the Kuijken set, you don’t need to throw it away, but anyone new to this delightful opera should give the Chandos set – in state-of-the-art sound – a try. Die-hard Handelians, of course, will want both.'
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Your profile enables you to make better use of the Chandos website and the services Chandos can offer you. Complete your shipping and billing addresses for any CDs that you buy to save filling-in forms all the time. A communications address and phone number are also there for us to contact you quickly if we need to. An ‘Interests’ tab allows you to detail what type of music you like and thus be included on any special offer mail shots, or you can opt out of this service. You can change your password here too.

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