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'This is a mid-price reissue of recordings from the Chandos back catalog. All the performances are outstanding. The sound is fully up to the high standards set by this label, and the notes are duplicates from the original issues. ARG has reviewed these before to much acclaim and it only remains to urge acquisition if you donít already have them in your collection'
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Help with iTunes

As many customers have asked how to import our WMA downloads into iTunes, we have written this short tutorial. Please be advised that this tutorial is for Windows customers only and is for the iTunes package V7.2.0.34.

We also have a short demonstration video which can be viewed from the link button below


1. Firstly you must have already downloaded your tracks from our servers onto your own PC, preferably into a separate folder either on your desktop or in your 'My Documents' folder. If you are having difficulty with this, please see our FAQ section for more help.

2. Open iTunes and select 'Edit' --> 'Preferences' (see Fig. 1).

Fig. 1

3. From the pop-up panel that appears, select the 'Advanced' Tab.

4. Within this tab there are three sub-tabs; select the one marked 'Importing'.

5. You should now see a panel that looks something like Fig. 2. You need to change the 'Import Using' drop-down box to read 'Apple Lossless Encoder' (as in Fig. 2).

Fig. 2

6. When you have done this make sure you press on the 'OK' button at the bottom to confirm the changes.

7. You can now import our WMA files by simply dragging the files from your download folder to the main window of iTunes. When you do this a pop-up warning box will appear telling you that iTunes needs to convert the WMA file to 'Apple Lossless Format' ; just select the convert button to continue.

8. Your tracks should now be imported to your iTunes library.

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