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'This set of Neilsen symphonies was recorded I the Stockholm Concert Hall between November 1992 and March 1993 and is now issued at mid-price. Musicianship is superb across all sox of these masterpieces, and it the set canít be recommended wholeheartedly, it is because of the conductorís conceptual temperament. Like a number of aging conductors, Rozhdestvensky tends to slow down to emphasis the musicís emotional weight. Our Mr Barker and Mr Hansen reviewed these performances in some detail and decided that this approach contains advantages... but also disadvantages... The overall richness and commitment to the music is undeniable Ė as is the quality of the sound. Thereís no denying either that Rozhdestvensky is sensitive to quieter moments and rarely loses tautness while making good points, especially in the heavier 5 and 6.'
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