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CHAN 10563 - Craig Ogden & Alison Stephens - Souvenirs for Mandolin and Guitar
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Available From: 01 September 2009
Craig Ogden & Alison Stephens - Souvenirs for Mandolin and Guitar

This album of rarely recorded repertoire follows the much admired previous release of 1999: the Music from the Novels of Louis de Bernieres (CHAN 9780).  This album was the start of a very successful musical duo that has been performing in concert and on tour across the UK and around the world for the last 10 years.  

Both the mandolin and guitar are intrinsically linked to indigenous music from across the world.  This CD is a celebration of a ten year musical partnership and of two incredibly hardy and adaptable instruments which have the unusual ability to bridge musical styles and cultures in a way that perhaps few other instruments can.  Through their joint venture, Craig and Alison have developed a repertoire of unusual music from Columbia, Mexico, Greece and many other countries to go alongside their more classical concert repertoire.

Craig and Ali remark; ‘It should prove a very eclectic and interesting album that would appeal to a wide variety of plucked instrument lovers as well as an easy to listen to and immediately lovable sound world for all music lovers.  The pieces have certainly proved popular when they have been performed at concerts. ‘

The album contains the premiere recordings Armin Kaufmann, Diferencias by Kiouphides, Mount Fiji by Stephens and Suite Venezolano by Zambrano

There is an added element to this album as Alison Stephens’ royalties are being donated to MacMillan Cancer Support.  



“Craig and Alison celebrate their 10 year partnership with a sunshine-infused concoction of charming pieces. There are musical snapshots of Greece, Colombia and Spain included in this heady, multi-cultural brew."
**** Presenters Choice ****

John Brunning

Classic FM Magazine - October 2009

“A beautifully performed disc that is brimming with fun and fire. “ Souvenirs” is a seriously fun disc: fun because of the festive nature of much of the music and of the obvious musical chemistry between Ogden and Stephens; serious because of the outstanding artistry and technical proficiency displayed by the two artists. Ogden and Stephens bring out the distinctive qualities of their respective instruments while exploiting to the full the potential for colour and drama within an ensemble context.
The pairing of guitar and mandolin isn’t especially unusual; but listening to “Souvenirs”, there can be no doubt that what Ogden and Stephens do with it is.”
William Yeoman

Gramophone - October 2009

“The mandolin’s plectrum-crisp metallic honey topping blends surprisingly smoothly with the fruitier, creamier, liquid sound of nails-and-flesh guitar nylon and wound metal. Especially when played with such poise, vitality and seamless understanding by two brilliant performers. There are two ‘special effects’ pieces: Boudounis’s dramatic guitar solo vividly imitating a belly-dance and Muñoz’s curio of solo mandolin impersonating a flamenco guitar. Alongside are delightful unpretentious, well-crafted tunes in a popular style, played with impeccable dynamic control, superb balance, and infectious sun. Hard to believe it’s only two instruments… Altogether enjoyable stuff.” 
Performance *****         Recording ****

Rob Ainsley

BBC Music Magazine - November 2009

“Stephen’s graceful execution of rippling arpeggios in Nawata Masaji’s Sakura is a real treat, while Ogden shines in Miroslav Tadic’s driving Walk Dance. Their coupling of mandolin and guitar process to be as adaptable as it is charming. While the standard of playing will give fans of these instruments much to appreciate, general listeners buying this as a soundtrack to a sunny summer holiday will find they’ve struck gold." ????

Carl Herring

Muso - August/September 2009


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