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CHAN 10668 - Haydn: Piano Sonatas, Volume 2
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Available From: 15 March 2011
Haydn: Piano Sonatas, Volume 2

The multi-award winning and ever-popular Jean-Efflam Bavouzet is back with Volume 2 of Chandos’ highly acclaimed Haydn Sonata series. This new release follows Bavouzet’s complete Debussy cycle and a number of recent concerto recordings – all of which have been extraordinarily well received by critics and audiences alike, picking up numerous awards along the way.

Many leading pianists have tackled these at times technically challenging classical sonatas by Haydn, but in Bavouzet’s own words, this is a composer who always left the door open for new interpretations: ‘One often forgets how little information Haydn left in the text of his keyboard works: few instructions on nuance and phrasing, and very minimal tempo indications. Playing them is all the more fascinating for that, but it is also arduous and even risky for the performer, who must, even more than usual, create his or her own world and internal logic, only hoping – in the absence of tangible proof – that he or she is not straying too far from the composer’s intentions, forever out of reach.’

For the recording Bavouzet brought in a specially selected Yamaha piano which he feels gives the sort of tonal quality he is looking for, and it shows in the programme for Volume 2 which includes the elegantly virtuosic Sonata in E minor, No. 19; Sonata in B flat major, No. 20; Sonata in G minor, No. 32; Sonata in C major, No. 48, and Sonata in D major, No. 50.

Reviews for Volume 1 in Bavouzet’s Haydn Sonata series:

International Piano Choice
‘Every second of this CD is a delight with Bavouzet’s artistry carrying anything that might sound routine.’     International Piano

Editor’s Choice
‘Bavouzet turns from Debussy to Haydn with vivid results… the first disc in what I hope will be a long and comprehensive series.’ Gramophone

‘This beautifully recorded disc promises well for another classic Bavouzet set to complement his prize-winning Debussy recordings’ *****   Classic FM magazine


                    Supersonic Pizzicato
Pizzicato magazine

“…This was an hour of pleasure. It’s the second in a Haydn series. I am going to find the first one and keep an eye out for the others. So should you.”

Stephen D Chakwin Jr – American Record Guide – September/October 2011 


"...In these imaginative, crisply executed performances, he [Bavouzet]always finds the spirit of the movement ...Most importantly, these are immensely enjoyable performances, captured by gorgeous, honest recorded sound..."
James H North - Fanfare - September/October 2011

“This is a wonderful collection of sonatas worthy even now of far greater recognition and popularity. They are superbly played by this very gifted pianist, and the recorded sound is truly excellent.”  ****
Phil Carrick – Limelight Magazine – 28 June 2011                                


       Performance  ***    Sound ****
“  Recording distances are ideal, subtle colouration…”
Eric Taver -    Classica Magazine – June 2011                                                        

“Joseph Haydn’s piano sonatas are far more interesting and engaging than Mozart’s, but it takes the finesse and gentle skill of someone like French master Jean-Efflam Bavouzet to make it happen,”  
“…bristling with wonderful little touches.”

“… you owe this CD a fair hearing.”

John Terauds – The Toronto Star – 9 May 2011                                                                                    

Artistic Quality 10    Sound Quality 10
“This second volume in Jean-Efflam Bavouzet’s Haydn sonata is every bit as outstanding as the first… the sonics are as brilliant and natural as the playing. A wonderful recital, from first note to last.”

David Hurwitz – classicstoday.com – May 2011

“…In the second volume of this complete Haydn cycle he [Bavouzet] shines particularly in sonatas 48 and 50, the sprightliest on the CD, both with lovely reflective slow movements. Bavouzet offers the crispest of trills, a sprinkling of the fantastic, and a tender heart…”

Geoff Brown  - The Times - 16 April 2011

Performance ****    Recording ****
“…His playing is this second instalment is quite as exemplary in touch, phrasing, characterization and continuity, while the recorded sound is again intimate yet unconstructed.”

Bayan Northcott – BBC Music Magazine – May 2011

“…Bavouzet’s readings have a strong claim to be the finest Haydn playing of recent vintage on the modern piano. They are a work of an insightful musician of profund culture and wide interests, whose intellectual emotional identification with Haydn is unreserved, and whose playing, beautifully captured in technical terms, is a delight to listen to.”
Patrick Rucker - International Record Review – April 2011                                                   


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