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CHAN 10219 - Berkeley, Lennox: A Dinner Engagement
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CD available From: 14 June 2004

Opera - A Dinner Engagement

 Lennox Berkeley (1903-1989)
      premiere recording
A Dinner Engagement, Op. 45 59:31
      An Opera in Two Scenes
      Libretto by Paul Dehn
      Scene 1
1 'Salt, pepper, olive oil' 4:00
      Lord Dunmow, Lady Dunmow, Boy
2 'I'm sorry, Milady, I came through the front door' 3:25
      Mrs Kneebone, Lady Dunmow, Lord Dunmow
3 'In the summer of my time' 4:05
      Lord Dunmow, Lady Dunmow, Mrs Kneebone
4 'At Missis Ellibank's in Wimbledon' 2:27
      Mrs Kneebone, Lady Dunmow, Lord Dunmow
5 'Mother, please can I help?' 5:26
      Susan, Lady Dunmow, Mrs Kneebone, Lord Dunmow
6 'He was a quiet little boy' 3:30
      Lady Dunmow, Susan, Mrs Kneebone, Lord Dunmow
7 'Prenez six belles tomates' 3:31
      Lady Dunmow, Lord Dunmow, Mrs Kneebone, Susan
8 'Is this the residence of the Earl and Countess of Dunmow?' 1:45
      Prince Philippe, Mrs Kneebone
      Scene 2
9 'So this, dear Lady Dunmow, is your drawing room' 2:12
      Duchess, Lady Dunmow, Prince Philippe, Lord Dunmow
10 'I never moved a muscle' 2:20
      Lord Dunmow, Lady Dunmow, Duchess, Prince Philippe
11 'Forgive my curiosity, but is your servant that young girl. . .?' 3:28
      Prince Philippe, Lord Dunmow, Lady Dunmow, Duchess
12 'Come and see our little garden' 2:05
      Lady Dunmow, Lord Dunmow, Prince Philippe, Duchess
13 'This way, Ma'am, through the back door' 2:49
      Lord Dunmow, Duchess, Prince Philippe, Susan
14 'Oh, shall I kneel in shame. . .?' 2:50
      Susan, Prince Philippe
15 'I like to imagine how these must have looked' 4:14
      Susan, Prince Philippe
16 'Mon aimée attend la lune' 2:08
      Prince Philippe
17 'Kiss her at once!' 3:24
      Duchess, Prince Philippe, Susan, Lord Dunmow, Lady Dunmow, Boy
18 'Let her beauty be her dowry' 2:43
      Duchess, Susan, Prince Philippe, Lord Dunmow, Lady Dunmow, Boy, Mrs Kneebone
19 'My Lords, Ladies, Duchess and gentlemen!' 3:01
      Mrs Kneebone, Prince Philippe, Susan
 Roderick Williams baritone - The Earl of Dunmow
 Yvonne Kenny soprano - The Countess of Dunmow
 Claire Rutter soprano - Susan
 Jean Rigby mezzo-soprano - Mrs Kneebone
 Anne Collins mezzo-soprano - HRH The Grand Duchess of Monteblanco
 Robin Leggate tenor - HRH Prince Philippe
 Blake Fischer tenor - An Errand Boy
 City of London Sinfonia
 Richard Hickox
 Recorded in:
 Blackheath Halls, London
      23-27 September 2003
 Brian Couzens
 Sound Engineer(s)
 Ralph Couzens
 Michael Common (Assistant)
      Gramophone Editor's Choice>  
 Format: Digital CD 16Bit 44.1Khz
Originally recorded in: 24Bit 96Khz

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