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Cat. No. CHAN 10638(19) Price: 52.5 No. of discs: 19
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CHAN 10638 - Grainger: The Grainger Edition
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CD available From: 15 January 2011
 Percy Grainger (1882-1961)
      Compact Disc One
      Chan 9493Orchestral Works I
      Compact Disc Two
      Chan 9584Orchestral Works II
      Compact Disc Three
      Chan 9839Orchestral Works III
      Compact Disc Four
      Chan 9499Works for Chorus and Orchestra I
      Compact Disc Five
      Chan 9554Works for Chorus and Orchestra II
      Compact Disc Six
      Chan 9653Works for Chorus and Orchestra III
      Compact Disc Seven
      Chan 9721Works for Chorus and Orchestra IV
      Compact Disc Eight
      Chan 9987Works for Unaccompanied Chorus
      Compact Disc Nine
      Chan 9549Works for Wind Orchestra I
      Compact Disc Ten
      Chan 9630Works for Wind Orchestra II
      Compact Disc Eleven
      Chan 9746Works for Chamber Ensemble I
      Compact Disc Twelve
      Chan 9819Works for Chamber Ensemble II
      Compact Disc Thirteen
      Chan 9730Songs for Mezzo-soprano
      Compact Disc Fourteen
      Chan 9610Songs for Tenor
      Compact Disc Fifteen
      Chan 9503Songs for Baritone
      Compact Disc Sixteen
      Chan 9702Works for Piano
      Compact Disc Seventeen
      Chan 9895Works for Solo Piano I
      Compact Disc Eighteen
      Chan 9919Works for Solo Piano II
      Compact Disc Nineteen
      Chan 10205Works for Solo Piano III
      The New Percy Grainger Companion edited by Penelope Thwaites
 Format: Digital CD 16Bit 44.1Khz
Originally recorded in: 24Bit 96Khz

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