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CHAN 10794 - Sullivan: The Beauty Stone
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CD available From: 30 October 2013
 Arthur Sullivan (1842-1900)
The Beauty Stone (1897-98) 129:48
      An Original Romantic Musical Drama in Three Acts
      Libretto by Arthur Wing Pinero (1855-1934) and Joseph Comyns Carr (1849-1916)
1 Introduction. Allegro alla - Marcia 2:59
      Act I 54:15
      Scene 1. The Weaver's Home
2 1 Duet. Simon: 'Click, clack, click, clack' 3:13
      with Joan
3 2 Chorus with Solos. Chorus: 'Hobble, hobble, now we've caught her' 1:41
      with Joan and Simon
4 2A Semi-Chorus: 'Maidens and men of Mirlemont town' 1:41
5 3 Prayer. Laine: 'Dear Mary Mother, unto thee I bring' 3:36
6 4 Quartet. Simon: 'Who stands within?' 5:08
      with Joan, Devil, and Laine
7 5 Recitative and Song. Devil: 'Since it dwelt in that rock 4:34
      whose hallowed crest' -
      'I gave it away to a love-lorn maid' -
8 5A Appearance of Laine. Andante 0:15
9 5B After Devil's Song. Change of Scene. Moderato 1:17
      Scene 2. The Market-place
10 6 Full Chorus. Maidens: 'The bells are ringing o'er Mirlemont town' - 2:34
11 Competitor's Friends: 'Maidens and men of Mirlemont town' 2:13
12 7 Duet. Jacqueline: 'May name is crazy Jacqueline' - 4:09
      with Devil
13 7A Entrance of the Burgomaster and Crowd. Chorus: 'The bells 2:49
      are ringing o'er Mirlemont town'
14 8 Scene. The Beauty Contest. Nicholas: 'Know ye all, 1:56
      both great and small' -
      with Philip
15 Loyse: 'I am Loyse from St Denis' - 3:13
      with Chorus, Saida, Philip, and Nicholas
16 Isabeau: 'In the hills beyond Florenens' - 2:13
      with Chorus, Saida, Devil, Philip, and Nicholas
17 Barbe: 'I am Barbe of Bovigny' 2:16
      with Chorus
18 9 Finale of Act I. Chorus: 'Go, bring forth old 1:04
      Simon's daughter!' -
19 Philip: 'By Our Lady, she is fair!' - 1:15
      with Chorus, Nicholas, and Saida
20 Saida: 'Oh, turn thine eyes away' - 2:02
      with Philip and Chorus
21 Saida: 'In vain ye plead, some magic spell 2:30
      enthralls him!' -
      with Guntran, Devil, Chorus, Joan, Simon, and Philip
22 Laine: 'I can but tell I knelt and prayed' 4:06
      with Philip, Chorus, then All
      Act II 51:21
      Scene 1. A Hall in the Castle
1 10 Chorus of Knights and Dames. All: 'With cards and 2:22
      dice, and with wine and laughter'
2 10A Melos. Andante 1:11
3 11 Scene. Chorus of Knights and Dames: 'Though she 2:07
      should dance' -
4 Song. Saida: 'Safe in her island home, whose 5:44
      sloping glades' -
      with Knights, Eastern Maidens, and Dames
5 Knights: 'Nay, see ye not this maid is fair?' 2:18
      with Dames and Philip
6 12 Duet. Philip: 'I love thee! I love thee!' 3:39
      with Laine
7 13 Scene. Song. Guntran: 'I'll tell them what thou was 2:31
      when first I knew thee' -
8 Philip: 'How say you? Shame! My sword! my sword!' - 1:16
      with Laine, Devil, and Saida
9 Laine: 'Nay, wert thou more than all he said thou art' - 2:00
      with Philip
10 Saida: 'She's gone! Love's hour has come at last!' - 2:07
      with Devil and Philip
11 Guntran: 'Lords of Sirault, Velaines, and St Sauveur' 4:10
      with Three Lords, Philip, then All
12 13A Change of Scene. Andante tranquillo 1:43
      Scene 2. The Weaver's Home
13 14 Trio. Joan: 'Look yon - 'tis she! our little Laine!' 3:55
      with Laine and Simon
14 15 Duet. Simon: 'I would see a maid who dwells in Zolden' 3:52
      with Joan
15 16 Quintet. Devil: 'Haste thee! Haste thee!' 2:06
      with Laine, Joan, Saida, and Simon
      Scene 3. Between the Castle and the North Gate
16 17 Duet (with Dance). Jacqueline: 'Up and down' 4:25
      with Devil
17 18 Finale of Act II. Guntran: 'There he stands, that lord ye knew' - 3:20
      with Chorus and Philip
18 Laine: 'My lord!' 2:11
      with Philip, Joan, and Chorus
      Act III 19:35
      Scene 1. The Terrace of the Castle
19 19 Introduction. Moderato con moto - 4:20
      Song. Laine: 'An hour agone 'twas the moon that shone'
20 20 Song. Jacqueline: 'Why does thou sigh and moan?' 2:03
21 21 Recitative and Song. Saida: 'Mine, mine at last! Poor 3:23
      vanquished slave, begone!' -
      'What laggard steed doth carry'
22 22 Scene. Saida: 'So all is lost for ever! And 'twas thou' 2:31
      with Devil
23 22A Change of Scene. Allegro vivace e agitato 0:35
      Scene 2. The Market-place
24 23 Chorus and Dance. Chorus: 'O'er Mirlemont city the banners 2:02
      are flying' -
25 23A Exit of Guntran and Crowd. Allegro moderato 0:49
26 24 Finale of Act III. Chorus: 'Hail to the lord of our land!' 4:50
      with Guntran, Joan, Laine, Simon, Jacqueline, Philip, Devil, then All
 Toby Spence tenor - Philip
 David Stout bass - Guntran
 Stephen Gadd baritone - Simon
 Richard Suart baritone - Nicholas
 Alan Opie baritone - The Devil
 Elin Manahan Thomas soprano - Laine
 Catherine Wyn-Rogers mezzo-soprano - Joan
 Madeleine Shaw mezzo-soprano - Jacqueline
 Rebecca Evans soprano - Saida
 Olivia Gomez soprano - Loyse
 Sarah Maxted mezzo-soprano - Isabeau
 Llio Evans soprano - Barbe
      Peppin, a dwarf
      Baldwyn of Ath
      The Lords of Serault, Velaines, and St Sauveur
      A Seneschal
      A Lad of tthe Town
      A Shrewish Girl
      A Matron
      Knights, Dames, Pages, Aldermen, Soldiers, Townsfolk, Country-folk, Dancers, Lute-players, Serving-men, and the rest
      The story is laid in the Flemish town of Mirlemont in the beginning of the fifteenth century
 BBC National Chorus of Wales
 BBC National Orchestra of Wales
 Rory Macdonald
 Recorded in:
 BBC Hoddinott Hall, Cardiff Bay, Cardiff, Wales
      29 January-3 February 2013
 Brian Pidgeon
 Sound Engineer(s)
 Ralph Couzens
 Jonathan Cooper (Assistant)
 Format: Digital CD 16Bit 44.1Khz
Originally recorded in: 24Bit 96Khz

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