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CHAN 241-42 - Tavener: We Shall See Him As He Is/Eis Thanaton/Theophany
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CD available From: 15 May 2012
 John Tavener (b. 1944)
We Shall See Him As He Is (1990) 61:08
      Ikon of the Beloved
      John Senter cello
1 Refrain. The Unfolding of the Great Mystery 3:32
2 Ikon I 2:13
3 Ikon II 3:02
4 Ikon III - Refrain 7:35
5 Ikon IV 3:49
6 Ikon V - Refrain 9:45
7 Ikon VI 6:16
8 Ikon VII - Refrain 6:36
9 Ikon VIII 2:01
10 Ikon IX 3:09
11 The Tomb 0:59
12 Ikon X 7:40
13 Ikon XI 4:23
 Patricia Rozario soprano
 John Mark Ainsley tenor
 Andrew Murgatroyd tenor
 BBC Welsh Chorus
 Britten Singers
 Chester Festival Chorus
 BBC Welsh Symphony Orchestra
Eis Thanaton (1986) 37:50
      a Ritual
      Sung in Greek
1 Son: 'To this shrine of the first Christians' - 14:56
2 Mother: '…Ask me not. Never search the inexpressible mystery of death' - 12:14
3 Son: 'Wait! Do not forsake your grieving son' 10:40
 Patricia Rozario soprano
 Stephen Richardson bass
 City of London Sinfonia
Theophany (1992-93) 29:03
      for pre-recorded tape and orchestra
      Jeremy Birchall all male voices, including 'Adam' solo
      Margaret Feaviour 'Eve' solo
4 Section 1 - 11:42
5 Secton 2 17:21
 Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra
 Richard Hickox
 Recorded in:
 Royal Albert Hall, London
      23 July 1992 (We Shall See Him As He Is)
 Recorded in:
 Blackheath Concert Halls, London
      4 February 1994 (Eis Thanaton)
 Recorded in:
 Wessex Hall, Poole Arts Centre
      5 May 1994 (Theophany)
 Ralph Couzens (We Shall See Him As He Is, Eis Thanaton)
 Chris Webster (Theophany)
 Mike George (Assistant: We Shall See Him As He Is)
 Sound Engineer(s)
 Ralph Couzens (We Shall See Him As He Is)
 Ben Connellan (Eis Thanaton)
 Richard Lee (Theophany)
 Richard Smoker (Assistant: We Shall See Him As He Is, Eis Thanaton)
 Andrew Lang (Assistant: Theophany)
 Format: Digital CD 16Bit 44.1Khz
Originally recorded in: 24 Bit Remaster

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