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CHAN 241-51 - Britten: The Rape of Lucretia
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CD available From: 21 July 2014

Opera - The Rape of Lucretia

 Benjamin Britten
The Rape of Lucretia Op.37 117:16
      ACT ONE - Scene One - The generals' tent in the camp outside Rome 28:28
1 Male Chrous: 'Roe is now ruled by the Etruscan upstart' - 5:47
2 Male Chorus: 'Here the thirsty ev'ning has drunk the wine of light' - 3:05
3 Collatinus: 'Who reaches heaven first is the best philosopher' - 7:46
4 Male Chorus: 'Oh, my God, with what agility does jealousy jump into a small heart' - 8:52
5 Male Chorus: 'Tarquinius does not wait when Tarquinius does not desire' - 2:57
6 Male Chorus: 'Tarquinius does not wait for his servant to wake' - 3:13
      Scene Two - A room in Lucretia's house in Rome, the same evening 20:28
7 Female Chorus: 'The spinning wheel unwinds dreams which desire has spun' - 5:38
8 Lucretia: 'Listen! I heard a knock. Somebody is at the gate' - 3:03
9 Female Chorus: 'Time turns upon the hands of women' - 5:36
10 Female Chorus: 'None of the women move. It is too late for a messenger' - 6:09
      TT 52:12
      ACT TWO - Scene One - Lucretia's bedroom 24:30
1 Female Chorus: 'The prosperity of the Etruscans was due to the richness of their native soil' - 7:39
2 Female Chorus: 'She sleeps as a rose upon the night' 3:01
3 Male Chorus: 'When Tarquinius desires, then Tarquinius will dare' 2:33
4 Tarquinius: 'Within this frail crucible of light' - 4:47
5 Tarquinius: 'Lucretia!' - 6:29
6 Female & Male Chorus: 'Here in this scene you see Virtue assailed by sin' - 4:14
      Scene Two - A room in Lucretia's house, the next morning 35:25
7 Lucia: 'O what a lovely day' - 6:38
8 Bianca: 'Hush! Here she comes!'- 3:36
9 Lucretia: 'Flowers bring to ev'ry year the same perfection' - 6:24
10 Collatinus: 'Lucretia! Lucretia! O never again must we two dare to part' - 5:07
11 Lucretia: 'Last night Tarquinius ravished me and tore the fabric of our love' - 3:35
12 Collatinus: 'This dead hand lets fall all that my heart held when full' - 4:21
13 Female Chorus: 'Is it all? Is all this suffering and pain, in this in vain?' - 5:39
      TT 64:14
 Alan Opie baritone
 Alastair Miles bass
 Ameral Gunson mezzo-soprano
 Catherine Pierard soprano
 Donald Maxwell baritone
 Jean Rigby contralto
 Nigel Robson tenor
 Patricia Rozario soprano
 City of London Sinfonia
 Richard Hickox
 Recorded in:
 Goldsmiths College, New Cross, London
      5-8 July 1993
 Ralph Couzens
 Sound Engineer(s)
 Ralph Couzens
 Richard Lee (Assistant)
      Penguin Guide ***>  
      Classic CD *****>  
 Format: Digital CD 16Bit 44.1Khz
Originally recorded in: 24 Bit Remaster

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