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CHAN 3072 - Handel: Julius Caesar
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CD available From: 16 September 2002

Janet Bakers sings scenes from Julius Caesar

 George Frideric Handel (1685-1759)
Julius Caesar 74:25
      Libretto by Nicola Haym
      English translation by Brian Trowell
      Edition prepared by Noel Davies and Sir Charles Mackerras
      Act I
      from Scene 1 Open country in Egypt
1 'Caesar! Caesar! Egypt acclaims thee' 1:41
2 'Kneel in tribute, fair land of Egypt' 2:05
3 'Curio, Caesar has come . . .' 2:33
      Caesar, Cornelia, Sextus, Achillas
4 'Tyrant, avoid my sight' 3:58
      from Scene 3 Caesar's camp
5 'Spirit of mighty Pompey' 2:57
      Caesar, Curio, Cleopatra, Nirenus
      from Scene 4 In the palace of the Ptolemies
6 'Caesar! A generous destiny' 1:08
      Ptolemy, Caesar, Achillas
7 'How silently, how slyly' 6:31
      Act II
      Scene 1 (complete) A grove of cedars
8 'Have you done as I ordered, faithful Nirenus?' 2:48
      Cleopatra, Nirenus, Caesar
9 'Lamenting, complaining of Caesar's disdaining' 4:37
      Cleopatra, Caesar
10 'Fly then, fly, O my heart' 0:42
      Caesar, Nirenus
11 'Fleet o'er flowery meadow gliding' 7:48
      from Scene 3 A chamber
12 'Ah gods! What do I see?' 2:49
      Caesar, Cleopatra, Curio
13 'In anger and fury I'll turn on the foe' 1:41
      Caesar, Chorus
14 'They will kill him' 1:12
      Act III
      from Scene 1 An anchorage near Alexandria
15 Symphony 0:43
16 'From the perils of the ocean' 2:06
17 'Zephyrs! Zephyrs, come to mine aid!' 6:35
18 'Nirenus, the battle is fought and lost' 2:32
      Sextus, Achillas, Caesar, Curio
19 'See in spate the high cataract storming' 4:33
      Scene 3 (complete) The harbour of Alexandria
20 Symphony 2:59
21 'Here, Curio and your legions' 2:27
      Nirenus, Caesar, Sextus, Cornelia, Cleopatra
22 'Dearest!' 'Fairest!' 5:45
      Cleopatra, Caesar
23 'Long, long may Egypt continue' 0:29
24 'Proclaim we all great Caesar's glory' 0:52
25 'A vow I give you' 0:57
      Caesar, Cleopatra
26 'Proclaim we all great Caesar's glory' 0:55
 Dame Janet Baker mezzo-soprano - Julius Caesar
 Christopher Booth-Jones baritone - Curio
 Sarah Walker mezzo-soprano - Cornelia
 Della Jones mezzo-soprano - Sextus
 Valerie Masterson soprano - Cleopatra
 James Bowman countertenor - Ptolemy
 John Tomlinson bass - Achillas
 David James countertenor - Nirenus
 English National Opera Chorus
 English National Opera Orchestra
 Sir Charles Mackerras
 Recorded in:
 Abbey Road Studios, London
      1-7 August 1984
 John Fraser
 Sound Engineer(s)
 Mark Vigars
 Format: Digital CD 16Bit 44.1Khz
Originally recorded in: 24Bit 96Khz

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