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CHAN 3106 - Janacek: Jenufa
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CD available From: 10 May 2004

Opera - Janufa

 Leos Janacek (1854-1928)
Jenufa, her step-daughter (Brno version) 121:12
      Opera in three acts
      Libretto by the composer after Gabriela Preissová's play Jefí pastorkyna
      English version by Edward Downes and Otakar Kraus
      Act I
      Scene 1
1 'Soon it will be evening' 11:59
      Jenufa, Grandmother Buryja, Laca, Jano
      Scene 2
2 'What are you doing here, Laca?' 5:07
      Foreman, Laca, Jenufa, Grandmother Buryja, Kostelnicka
      Scene 3
3 'Come now, Jenufa' 0:37
      Grandmother Buryja, Jenufa
      Scene 4
4 'They're all for marrying' 1:46
      Recruits, Števa, Jenufa, Foreman, Laca
      Scene 5
5 'My dear heart, my Števa, Števuška!' 13:03
      Jenufa, Števa, Chorus, Kostelnicka, Grandmother Buryja, Laca, Foreman
      Scene 6
6 'Števa, Števa, I know you got drunk today' 5:32
      Jenufa, Števa, Grandmother Buryja
      Scene 7
7 'How all this boasting of Števa' 4:31
      Laca, Jenufa, Grandmother Buryja, Foreman, Barena
      Act II
      Scene 1
8 Introduction 1:16
9 'If I leave the door ajar a little' 7:11
      Kostelnicka, Jenufa
      Scene 2
10 'Yes, in all these twenty weeks' 2:05
      Scene 3
11 'Aunt Kostelnicka, in the note you sent me' 8:49
      Števa, Kostelnicka, Jenufa, Laca
      Scene 4
12 'But I saw a man come in here just now' 3:11
      Laca, Kostelnicka
      Scene 5
1 'One moment. . . In that moment must I lose hope' 3:50
      Scene 6
2 'Mamicka, my head is aching' 9:01
      Scene 7
3 'Who is there?' 5:51
      Jenufa, Kostelnicka
      Scene 8
4 'He's coming now!. . .' 6:17
      Kostelnicka, Laca, Jenufa
      Act III
      Scene 1
5 'Don't you feel nervous, Jenufka?' 2:35
      Maid, Jenufa, Laca, Kostelnicka
      Scene 2
6 'God be with you!' 4:26
      Mayor, Maid, Laca, Jenufa, Kostelnicka, Mayor's Wife
      Scene 3
7 'There now, Laca, just as I foresaw' 3:51
      Jenufa, Laca
      Scene 4
8 'Aha! Here they are' 2:38
      Laca, Karolka, Števa, Jenufa
      Scene 5
9 'There's no denying that all that was really a sight worth seeing' 0:16
      Mayor, Kostelnicka, Laca, Mayor's Wife
      Scene 6
10 'God be with you one and all!' 3:20
      Barena, Peasant Girls, Mayor, Jenufa, Laca, Grandmother Buryja, Chorus, Kostelnicka
      Scene 7
11 'What baby's that they're shouting about?' 0:30
      Kostelnicka, Jano, Mayor, Števa, Chorus
      Scene 8
12 'Come quickly now!' 0:44
      Jano, Kostelnicka, Grandmother Buryja
      Scene 9
13 'Števa, this is terrible. . .' 0:43
      Karolka, Jenufa, Števa, Laca
      Scene 10
14 'Ha, there now, you see his baby clothes!' 4:02
      Jenufa, Mayor's Wife, Village Woman, Mayor, Chorus, Laca, Kostelnicka, Karolka, Maid
      Scene 11
15 'Do not kneel, dear mother!' 3:55
      Jenufa, Kostelnicka, Laca
      Scene 12
16 'They have gone! Now you go!' 3:35
      Jenufa, Laca
 Elizabeth Vaughan mezzo-soprano - Grandmother Buryjovka
 Dame Josephine Barstow soprano - The Kostelnicka
 Janice Watson soprano - Jenufa
 Peter Wedd tenor - Števa Buryja
 Nigel Robson tenor - Laca Klemen
 Neal Davies baritone - Foreman
 Alan Fairs bass - Mayor
 Marian McCullogh mezzo-soprano - Mayor's Wife
 Charlotte Ellett soprano - Karolka
 Claire Hampton soprano - Jano
 Rosie Hay soprano - Barena
 Imelda Drumm mezzo-soprano - Maid
 Sarah Pope mezzo-soprano - Village woman
 Chorus of Welsh National Opera
 Orchestra of Welsh National Opera
 Sir Charles Mackerras
 Recorded in:
 Brangwyn Hall, Swansea
      20-26 July 2003
 Brian Couzens
 Sound Engineer(s)
 Ralph Couzens
 Michael Common (Assistant)
 Format: Digital CD 16Bit 44.1Khz
Originally recorded in: 24Bit 96Khz

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