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CHAN 3152 - Mozart: Cosi fan tutte
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CD available From: 01 April 2008
 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791)
Così fan tutte 160:34
      or The School for Lovers
      Opera buffa in two acts
      Libretto by Lorenzo de Ponte, English version by Marmaduke Browne, adapted by John Cox
1 Overture 4:05
      Act I
2 No. 1, Trio: 'Suspect Dorabella?' 1:53
3 Recitative: 'Swords or pistols?' 0:50
      Ferrando, Guglielmo, Don Alfonso
4 No. 2, Trio: 'Woman's faith is like the phoenix' 1:09
      Don Alfonso, Ferrando, Guglielmo
5 Recitative: 'A poetical fiction!' 1:19
6 No. 3, Trio: 'I shall hire a band of players' 2:21
      Ferrando, Guglielmo, Don Alfonso
7 No. 4, Duet: 'This portrait alone is the face of Adonis' 4:18
8 Recitative: 'I can't thinkl what's the matter' 0:44
      Fiordiligi, Dorabella
9 Recitative: 'Here they are' 0:22
      Fiordiligi, Dorabella, Don Alfonso
10 No. 5, Aria: 'Let me try. My courage fails' 0:38
      Don Alfonso
11 Recitative: 'Tell us, for pity's sake' 1:00
      Fiordiligi, Don Alfonso, Dorabella
12 No. 6, Quintet: 'Courage fails me! For no evasion' 4:07
      Guglielmo, Ferrando, Don Alfonso, Fiordiligi, Dorabella
13 Recitative: 'It's a comedy, charming!' 0:33
      Don Alfonso, Ferrando, Fiordiligi, Dorabella
14 No. 8, Chorus: 'Oh, the soldier's life for me!' 1:30
15 Recitative: 'My friends, the time is flying' 0:34
      Don Alfonso, Fiordiligi, Dorabella, Ferrando, Guglielmo
16 No. 9, Quintet: 'You'll write long letters often' 2:32
      Fiordiligi, Dorabella, Ferrando, Guglielmo, Don Alfonso, Chorus
17 Recitative: 'Are they gone?' 0:35
      Dorabella, Don Alfonso, Fiordiligi
18 No. 10, Trio: 'O wind gently blowing' 2:43
      Fiordiligi, Dorabella, Don Alfonso
19 Recitative: 'So far all's going splendidly!' 1:05
      Don Alfonso
20 Recitative: 'A hell of an existence' 0:58
21 'My ladies, here is your chocolate and biscuits' 1:24
      Despina, Fiordiligi, Dorabella
22 No. 11, Aria: 'Cease not, remorseless love' 1:46
23 Recitative: 'Signora Dorabella, Signora Fiordiligi' 1:36
      Despina, Dorabella, Fiordiligi
24 No. 12, Aria: 'In lovers and in soldiers' 2:36
25 Recitative: 'What a silence!' 2:21
      Don Alfonso, Despina
26 No. 13, Sextet: 'I've the honour to present you' 4:18
      Don Alfonso, Ferrando, Guglielmo, Despina, Fiordiligi, Dorabella
27 Recitative: 'What an outcry!' 3:38
      Don Alfonso, Dorabella, Fiordiligi, Ferrando, Guglielmo
28 No. 14, Aria: 'Like a fortress in ocean founded!' 4:28
29 Recitative: 'Stay, I implore you!' 0:43
      Ferrando, Guglielmo, Don Alfonso, Dorabella, Fiordiligi
30 No. 15, Aria: 'O vision so charming' 1:42
31 No. 16, Trio: 'You seem delighted!' 0:53
      Don Alfonso, Ferrando, Guglielmo
32 Recitative: 'When you've quite finished laughing' 0:52
      Don Alfonso, Guglielmo, Ferrando
33 No. 17, Aria: 'Her eyes so alluring' 4:50
1 No. 18, Finale: 'Why has fate my life enshrouded' 2:53
      Fiordiligi, Dorabella
2 'To die is all I long for' 4:55
      Ferrando, Guglielmo, Don Alfonso, Fiordiligi, Dorabella, Despina
3 'Now ladies, calm yourselves' 8:50
      Don Alfonso, Ferrando, Guglielmo, Despina, Fiordiligi, Dorabella
      Act II
4 Recitative: 'Well, I declare, you are a funny pair of young ladies' 2:26
      Despina, Fiordiligi, Dorabella
5 No. 19, Aria: 'At fifteen a girl already must be truly wise' 3:28
6 Recitative: 'Well, sister! What do you think?' 1:34
      Fiordiligi, Dorabella
7 No. 20, Duet: 'I prefer the gentle dark one' 2:53
      Dorabella, Fiordiligi
8 Recitative: 'Come at once to the garden' 0:22
      Don Alfonso, Dorabella
9 No. 21, Duet and Chorus: 'Gentle zephyr, softly sighing' 3:03
      Ferrando, Guglielmo, Chorus
10 Recitative: 'What is this masquerading?' 0:51
      Fiordiligi, Dorabella, Despina, Ferrando, Guglielmo, Don Alfonso
11 No. 22, Quartet: 'Now give me your hand' 2:34
      Don Alfonso, Ferrando, Guglielmo, Despina
12 Recitative: 'Isn't the weather lovely!' 2:14
      Fiordiligi, Ferrando, Dorabella, Guglielmo
13 No. 23, Duet: 'This heart that I give you' 4:16
      Guglielmo, Dorabella
14 Recitative: 'Cruel one, would you leave me?' 1:30
      Ferrando, Fiordiligi
15 Recitative: 'He's leaving. Listen!…' 1:34
16 No. 25, Rondo: 'Ah, my love, I pray forgive me' 7:30
1 Recitative: 'We've done it!' 3:26
      Ferrando, Guglielmo
2 No. 26, Aria: 'Ladies have such variations' 3:12
3 Recitative: 'Ah! My brain is distracted!' 1:29
4 No. 27, Cavatina: 'Her treason is poison' 2:02
5 Recitative: 'Now at last you are acting as a sane woman should!' 1:30
      Despina, Dorabella, Fiordiligi
6 No. 28, Aria: 'Young love is unrelenting' 2:55
7 Recitative: 'All the world is conspiring' 2:10
      Fiordiligi, Guglielmo, Despina, Don Alfonso
8 No. 29, Duet: 'All too slowly the hours are fleeting' 5:11
      Fiordiligi, Ferrando
9 Recitative: 'That's enough for me!' 1:40
      Guglielmo, Don Alfonso, Ferrando
10 No. 30, Aria: 'Man accuses the woman' 0:59
      Don Alfonso, Ferrando, Guglielmo
11 Recitative: 'Well, gentlemen, you've won them' 0:44
      Despina, Ferrando, Guglielmo, Don Alfonso
12 No. 31, Finale: 'Come, my friends, no more delaying' 1:47
      Despina, Chorus, Don Alfonso
13 'May the love, that has united them' 4:03
      Chorus, Ferrando, Guglielmo, Fiordiligi, Dorabella
14 'Happy lovers! Fate conniving' 3:29
      Don Alfonso, Fiordiligi, Dorabella, Ferrando, Guglielmo, Despina, Chorus
15 'Joy once more now our sorrow replaces' 8:11
      Ferrando, Guglielmo, Don Alfonso, Fiordiligi, Dorabella, Despina
16 'Happy is the man who calmly takes life strictly as he finds it' 1:42
      Fiordiligi, Dorabella, Despina, Ferrando, Guglielmo, Don Alfonso
 Janice Watson soprano - Fiordiligi
 Diana Montague mezzo-soprano - Dorabella
 Christopher Maltman baritone - Guglielmo
 Toby Spence tenor - Ferrando
 Lesley Garrett soprano - Despina
 Thomas Allen baritone - Don Alfonso
 Geoffrey Mitchell Choir
 Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment
 Gareth Hancock (Assistant)
 Sir Charles Mackerras
 Recorded in:
 Watford Colosseum
      3-6 and 8-11 January 2007, and 15, 17, 18 & 20 August 2007
 Brian Couzens (Executive)
 James Mallinson
 Sound Engineer(s)
 Jonathan Stokes
 Andrew Hallifax (Assistant)
 Format: Digital CD 16Bit 44.1Khz
Originally recorded in: 24Bit 96Khz

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