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CHAN 3174 - Strauss, R: Intermezzo
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CD available From: 15 December 2010
 Richard Strauss (1864-1949)
Intermezzo 150:27
      A bourgeois comedy with symphonic interludes in two acts
      Libretto by the composer
      English translation by Andrew Porter
      Act I
      Scene 1
1 'Anna, Anna! Where can the silly creature be?' 5:52
      The Wife, the Husband, Anna
2 'Have you got all the master's things?' 6:02
      The Wife, Anna, the Husband
3 'And now I'll have my hair done!' 11:16
      The Wife, Anna, the Son, Housemaid, Cook
4 'Oh! Frau Huß! Good morning' 2:59
      The Wife, Anna
      Scene 2
5 'You blockhead! Can't you see, this is a toboggan run?' 4:08
      The Wife, Baron Lummer
6 Waltz 1:55
      Scene 3
7 Ball 2:01
8 'I can't go on!' 4:16
      The Wife, Baron Lummer
      Scene 4
9 'As you know my husband' 2:51
      The Wife, Notary's Wife
10 Orchestral Interlude 1:56
      Scene 5
11 ''He really is a very nice person'' 5:39
      The Wife, the Cook, Marie, Baron Lummer
12 'Would you mind if just for a moment I read the paper' 3:15
      The Wife, Baron Lummer, Marie
13 'Ha, Captain Sturz has resigned his commission' 5:26
      The Wife, Baron Lummer
14 'I'd rather… Gnädige Frau, it is so hard for me' 4:36
      Baron Lummer, the Wife
15 'A charming boy. Both charming and young' 6:02
      The Wife
      Scene 6
16 'Frau Notar!' 5:41
      Baron Lummer, Notary's Wife, Resi
      Scene 7
1 'A thousand marks he is asking!' 6:09
      The Wife, Baron Lummer, Anna
      Scene 8
2 'My darling, darling Bubi!' 8:11
      The Wife, the Son
      Act II
      Scene 1
3 [Prelude] 1:39
4 'Ah! You don't know his wife, Herr Legal Counsellor' 1:42
      Commercial Counsellor, Singer, Legal Counsellor, Stroh
5 'Gentlemen I'm here at last' 7:44
      Robert, Singer, Stroh, Legal Counsellor, Commercial Counsellor
6 'A wretched business!' 3:34
      Commercial Counsellor, Singer, Legal Counsellor, Stroh
      Scene 2
7 'Good Day, Herr Notar' 4:15
      The Wife, the Notary
8 Orchestral Interlude 1:46
      Scene 3
9 'This whole business is driving me mad!' 4:25
      Robert, Stroh
10 Orchestral Postlude 3:20
      Scene 4
11 [Introduction] 1:24
12 'Anna! I shouldn't have sent the Baron off there' 6:28
      The Wife, Anna, Therese
      Scene 5
13 [Introduction] 2:12
14 'He's back. Good lord, I'm so excited' 5:30
      The Wife, Therese, Robert
      Scene 6
15 'I'm back now, gnädige Frau!' 3:07
      Baron Lummer, the Wife
16 'Who on earth was that?' 4:18
      Robert, the Wife
17 'Yet I'm certain that he's no criminal' 10:30
      The Wife, Robert
 Elisabeth Soderstrom soprano - Christine
 Marco Bakker baritone - Robert Storch
 Elizabeth Gale soprano - Anna
 Richard Allfrey spoken - Franzl
 Alexander Oliver tenor - Baron Lummer
 Thomas Lawlor bass-baritone - The Notary
 Rae Woodland soprano - His wife
 Anthony Rolfe Johnson tenor - Stroh
 Donald Bell baritone - A Commercial Counsellor
 Brian Donlan baritone - A Legal Counsellor
 Dennis Wicks bass - A Singer
 Cynthia Buchan soprano - Resi
 Glyndebourne Festival Opera
 London Philharmonic Orchestra
 John Pritchard
 Recorded in:
      13 July 1974 (recorded live), broadcast 31 March 1975
 Format: Digital CD 16Bit 44.1Khz
Originally recorded in: 24 Bit Remaster

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