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CHAN 9189 - Stravinsky: The Soldier's Tale
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 Igor Stravinsky
The Soldier's Tale (Complete) 61:48
      Geschichte vom Saldaten; Histoire du Soldat
      PART I Teil I; Première Partie 28:39
1 Introduction: The Soldier's March 1:44
      Marsch des Soldaten; Marche du Soldat
2 NARRATOR: Phew... this isn't a bad sort of spot 1:03
3 Scene I: Airs by a Stream 2:25
      Kleine Stücke am Bachufer;
      Petits airs au bord du ruisseau
4 DEVIL: Give me your fiddle 2:10
5 NARRATOR: Well, there you are then, that's the way 2:10
6 The Soldier's March 1:46
      Marsch des Soldaten; Marche du Soldat
7 NARRATOR: Hurray, here we are! 3:19
8 Scene 2: Pastorale 2:13
9 SOLDIER: Ah! You dirty cheat, it's you! 2:11
10 Pastorale 3:33
11 Airs by a Stream 0:43
      Kleine Stücke am Bachufer;
      Petits airs au bord du ruisseau
12 NARRATOR: They have nothing - and yet, they have it all 0:56
13 SOLDIER: I have been proud and envied 2:33
14 Scene 3: Airs by a Stream 0:46
      Kleine Stücke am Bachufer;
      Petits airs au bord du ruisseau
      PART 2 Teil 2; Deuxième Partie 33:09
15 The Soldier's March 1:38
      Marsch des Soldaten; Marche du Soldat
16 NARRATOR: Now he comes to another land 3:07
17 The Royal March 2:31
      Des Königsmarsch; Marche Royale
18 NARRATOR: They gave the word for the band to play 5:40
19 The Little Concert 2:52
      Kleines Konzert; Petit Concert
20 Tango 2:30
21 Valse 1:50
22 Ragtime 2:19
23 The Devil's Dance 1:42
      Tanz des Teufels; Danse du Diable
24 Little Chorale 0:48
      Kleiner Choral; Petits Chorale
25 The Devil's Song 0:43
      Couplet des Teufels; Couplets du Diable
26 Great Chorale 3:47
      Grosser Choral; Grand Choral
27 NARRATOR: 'Suppose, suppose we went there' 1:30
28 Triumphal March of the Devil 2:07
      Triumphsmarsch des Teufels;
      Marche Triomphale du Diable
 Aage Haugland narrator
 Royal Scottish National Orchestra
 Neeme Jarvi
 Recorded in:
 Henry Wood Hall, Glasgow
      18 August 1986
 Recorded in:
 Focus Recording, Copenhagen
      8-9 February 1993
 Brian Couzens
 Sound Engineer(s)
 Ralph Couzens
 Philip Couzens (assistant)
 Hans Nielsen (Copenhagen)
 Format: Digital CD 16Bit 44.1Khz
Originally recorded in: 24Bit 96Khz

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