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CHSA 5095 - Herrmann: Moby Dick/Sinfonietta
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CD available From: 15 September 2011
 Bernard Herrmann (1911-1975)
Moby Dick (1936-38) 46:20
      A Cantata for Male Chorus, Soloists, and Orchestra
      Text selected and arranged by W. Clark Harrington from the novel by Herman Melville
      Poul Emborg tenor (Harpooner/Sailor/Voice)
      Rasmus Gravers tenor (Pip)
      Uffe Henriksen tenor (Drunken Sailor)
1 Chorus: ''And God created great whales''. Maestoso - Più mosso - 1:07
2 Ishmael: 'Call me Ishmael'. Andante tranquillo - 3:24
      Ishmael: 'And in the wild conceits'. Agitato - Tempo I -
3 Hymn. Chorus: 'The ribs and terrors in the whale'. 5:57
      Slowly and sombrely -
      Chorus: 'With speed he flew to my relief'. Faster -
      Chorus: 'My song for ever shall record'. Allegro moderato -
      Maestoso - Molto allargando, Pesante - Adagio -
4 Ishmael: 'At last anchor was up, the sails were set'. Moderato assai - 1:19
5 Ahab: 'Send everyone aft; mastheads there! Come down!' Allegro pesante - Pesante - 3:29
6 Ahab: 'Yonder, by the ever-brimming goblet's rim'. Lento - Tranquillo - 7:56
      Ahab: 'I, the wearer, see not its far flashing'. Agitato - Allargando - Tempo I - Accelerando -
      Ahab: 'Dry heat upon my brow?' Slowly -
      Ahab: 'Gifted with the high perception'. Agitato - A tempo (Lento) -
      Ahab: 'Good night - …good night'. Tempo I -
7 Voice: 'Hist, boys! Let's have a jig!' Allegro marcato - Allegro (hornpipe tempo) - 8:24
      Drunken Sailor: 'Oh! Jolly is the gale'. Meno mosso - Tempo I Slow -
      Pip: 'Oh! Thou big white God aloft there'. Molto agitato (quasi Andante) - Tempo I -
8 Ishmael: 'It was a clear steel-blue day'. Slowly and tranquilly - 8:57
      Ahab: 'Oh, Starbuck! It is a mild, mild wind'. Molto sostenuto -
      Ahab: 'Aye, toil how we may'. Più mosso -
      Ahab: 'Starbuck!' Molto sostenuto -
9 Sailor: 'There she blows! There she blows!' Molto allegro - 2:00
      Ahab: 'Starbuck, some men die at ebb tide'. Lento -
      Starbuck: 'Oh! my captain, my captain! go not! go not!' Agitato -
10 Ahab: 'Lower away! Stand by the crew!' [Agitato] - 2:33
      Ahab: 'I turn my body from the sun'. Slowly - A tempo -
      Ahab: 'Sink all coffins and all hearses'. Molto pesante -
11 Ahab: 'Thus, I give up the spear!' [Molto pesante] - Pesante e più lento - Molto rallentando - 1:09
      Ishmael: ''And I only am escaped alone to tell thee''
 Richard Edgar-Wilson tenor (Ishmael/Starbuck)
 David Wilson-Johnson baritone (Ahab)
 Danish National Choir
      premiere recording of original version
Sinfonietta (1935-36) 16:50
      for String Orchestra
12 I Prelude. Slowly (Andante molto) - 3:35
13 II Scherzo. Presto - 2:34
14 III Adagio - 3:33
15 IV Interlude. Largo (softly as possible) - 2:31
16 V Variations 4:35
      Variation I. Adagio -
      Variation II. Andante -
      Variation III. Adagio -
      Variation IV. Andante -
      Variation V. Moderato -
      Variation VI. Adagio -
      Variation VII. Allegro
 Danish National Symphony Orchestra
 Michael Schonwandt
 Recorded in:
 Koncerthuset, DR Byen, Copenhagen
      8 January (Moby Dick) & 15 and 16 March (Sinfonietta) 2011
 Ralph Couzens (Executive, Chandos)
 Ivar Munk (Executive, DR (Moby Dick))
 Curt Kollavik-Jensen (Executive, DR (Sinfonietta))
 Bernhard Guttler
 Sound Engineer(s)
 Jan Oldrup
 Bjarne Lillevang Jensen
 Format: Digital CD 16Bit 44.1Khz
Originally recorded in: DSD

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