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Chandos has always been regarded as a label at the forefront of technology, producing the highest quality in recorded sound with its Super Audio CD (SACD) recordings and hi-resolution downloads.
With 3 out of 5 of our May releases (already available for download on The Classical Shop) being available on SACD in surround sound, it is time to explore 15 years of SACDs on Chandos.

Browse among the 112 discounted albums below:

CHSA 5142
Janacek: Orchestral Works, Volume 1
CHSA 5140
Elgar: The Dream of Gerontius/Sea Pictures
CHSA 5139
Mendelssohn in Birmingham, Volume 2
CHSA 5145
Rimsky-Korsakov: Sheherazade, Op. 35
CHSA 5138
Grundman: A Mortuis Resurgere (The Resurrection of Christ)
CHSA 5137
Massenet: Fantaisie etc.
CHSA 5136
Walton: Symphony No. 1/Violin Concerto
CHSA 5134
Sibelius: Violin Concerto etc.
CHSA 5135
Raff: Symphony No. 5/Overtures/Abends
CHSA 5133
Atterberg: Orchestral Works, Volume 2
CHSA 5132
Mendelssohn: Mendelssohn in Birmingham, Volume 1
CHSA 5131
Delius: Delius in Norway
CHSA 5129
Adams: Doctor Atomic Symphony etc.
CHSA 5130
Bartok: Orchestral Works
CHSA 5127
Holst: Orchestral Works, Volume 3
CHSA 5128
American Piano Concertos
CHSA 5124
Tchaikovsky: Swan Lake
CHSA 5123
Szymanowski: Stabat Mater/Harnasie
CHSA 5126
Wagner: Overtures and Preludes
CHSA 5120
Strauss: Josephslegende
CHSA 5122
Chabrier: Orchestral Works
CHSA 5121
Grainger: Works for Large Chorus and Orchestra
CHSA 5116
Atterberg, Orchestral Works, Volume 1
CHSA 5108
Lutoslawski: Orchestral Works, Volume IV
CHSA 5119
Goossens: Orchestral Works
CHSA 5117
Raff: Symphony No. 2/Four Shakespeare Preludes
CHSA 5118
Berlioz: Overtures
CHSA 5115
Szymanowski: Orchestral Works, Volume V
CHSA 5110
von Suppe: Overtures and Marches
CHSA 5113
Tchaikovsky: The Sleeping Beauty
CHSA 5106
Lutoslawski: Orchestral Works, Volume III
CHSA 5111
Elgar: The Starlight Express
CHSA 5109
Suk: Prague/A Summer's Tale
CHSA 5104
Saint-Saens: Orchestral Works
CHSA 5105
Clausen: Choral Works
CHSA 5107
Weinberg: Symphony No. 20/Concerto
CHSA 5102
Stephane Deneve conducts Debussy
CHSA 5097
Wagner: Two Symphonies/Huldigungsmarsch
CHSA 5101
Berio: Orchestral Realisations
CHSA 5100
Northern Lights - Choral Works by Ola Gjeilo
CHSA 5093
Shostakovich: Cello Concertos
CHSA 5098
Lutoslawski: Orchestral Works, Volume II
CHSA 5094
Delius: Double Concerto/Violin Concerto/Cello Concerto
CHSA 5095
Herrmann: Moby Dick/Sinfonietta
CHSA 5096
On Christmas Night
CHSA 5092
Wagner: Meistersinger, an Orchestral Tribute
CHSA 5090
Schmitt: La Tragedie de Salome/ Le Palais Hante/Psaume 47
CHSA 5091
Reich: Three Movements/ The Desert Music
CHSA 5089
Weinberg: Symphony No. 3/ Suite No. 4 from 'The Golden Key'
CHSA 5088
Delius: Appalachia/ The Song of the High Hills
CHSA 5087
Wagner: Tristan und Isolde/ Overtures
CHSA 5086
Holst: Orchestral Works, Volume 2
CHSA 5084
Debussy/ Ravel/Massenet: Piano and Orchestral Works
CHSA 5083
Elgar: Violin Concerto/ Interlude from Crown of India/Polonia
CHSA 5085
Hear My Words: Choral Classics from St John's
CHSA 5082
Lutoslawski: Orchestral Works, Volume I
CHSA 5081
Suk: Ripening/ Symphony No. 1
CHSA 5079
Mahler: Symphony No. 7
CHSA 5078
Weinberg: Symphonies Nos 1 and 7
CHSA 5077
Wagner: Parsifal/ Ballet Scene from 'Tannhauser'/Prelude Act III of 'Lohengrin'
CHSA 5080
Bruckner - Symphony No.5
CHSA 5076
Connesson: Aleph/ Une lueur dans l'age sombre/Supernova
CHSA 5074
Berg: Orchestral Works
CHSA 5068
Goossens: Phantasy Concerto/ Symphony No. 1
CHSA 5070
Bernstein: Mass
CHSA 5072
MacMillan: Quickening/ Three Interludes from 'The Sacrifice'
CHSA 5069
Holst: 'The Perfect Fool' ballet/ The Golden Goose/The Lure/Morning of the Year
CHSA 5067
Orff: Carmina Burana
CHSA 5065
Tansman: Orchestral Works, Volume 3 - On the Symphonic Edge
CHSA 5066
Spotless Rose: Hymns to the Virgin Mary
CHSA 5064
Weinberg: Concertos
CHSA 5061
Schmidt: Das Buch Mit Sieben Siegeln
CHSA 5060
Wagner: The Ring/ Siegfried Idyll
CHSA 5058
Foulds: A World Requiem, Op. 60
CHSA 5057
Elgar: Symphony No. 3/ Pomp and Circumstance March No. 6/So Many True Princesses
CHSA 5056
French Organ Works
CHSA 5055
Rheinberger: Oster-Hymne/ Vier sechsstimmige Motetten/Mass
CHSA 5051
Bantock: Omar Khayyam
CHSA 5054
Tansman: Symphonies, Volume 2
CHSA 5050
Reges Terrae: Music from the Time of Charles V
CHSA 5049
Elgar: Symphony No. 1/ Organ Sonata
CHSA 5048
Symphonic Organ Works
CHSA 5044
Grechaninov: Passion Week
CHSA 5047
Vaughan Williams: Overture to 'The Wasps'/ A Sea Symphony
CHSA 5045
Mantyjarvi/ Ticheli/Martin/Clausen: Choral Works
CHSA 5046
Weill: Symphony Nos 1 & 2/ Quodlibet
CHSA 5043
Stanford: Songs of the Fleet/ Songs of the Sea/A Ballad of the Fleet
CHSA 5041
Tansman: Symphonies, Volume 1
CHSA 5040
Stephan: Orchestral Works
CHSA 5039
Tippett: The Rose Lake/ Ritual Dances
CHSA 5038
Elgar: Symphony No. 2/ In the South
CHSA 5036
Bennett: The Mines of Sulphur
CHSA 5035
Corigliano: Symphony No. 2/ The Red Violin
CHSA 5034
Walton: Christopher Columbus/ Hamlet and Ophelia
CHSA 5032
Barber: Vanessa
CHSA 5031
Shakespeare in Song
CHSA 5030
Bach: The Conductors' Transcriptions
CHSA 5027
Klezmer: Jewish Music
CHSA 5028
Bernstein: Kaddish/ Chichester Psalms/Missa Brevis
CHSA 5022
Zemlinsky: Die Seejungfrau/ Symphony in D minor
CHSA 5020
Vaughan Williams: The Poisoned Kiss
CHSA 5019
Faure: Requiem/ La Naissance de Vénus/Cantique de Jean Racine/Pavane
CHSA 5017
Britten: Suite from 'The Prince of the Pagodas'/ McPhee: Tabuh-Tabuhan
CHSA 5016
Vaughan Williams: Symphony No. 6/ Nocturne/Symphony No. 8
CHSA 5004
Vaughan Williams: Symphony No. 5
CHSA 5003
Vaughan Williams: Symphony No. 4/ Mass in G minor/Six Choral Songs
CHSA 5006
Piazzolla: Orchestral Works
CHSA 5005
Herschel: Symphonies
CHSA 5007
Britten: War Requiem/ Sinfonia da Requiem/Ballad of Heroes
CHSA 5001
Vaughan Williams: A London Symphony (Original 1913 version)
CHSA 5002
Vaughan Williams: Pastoral Symphony ˇ Norfolk Rhapsodies
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