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BETA Testing updates

Welcome to the Chandos BETA web site. The site is certainly not complete, but is at a stage we think is acceptable to launch and test. During this beta phase, we are working hard to polish everything - the content, the navigation, the layout, and more. We are listening to feedback closely, trying to improve the site as quickly as possible. If you have an issue you would like to raise, please contact us using the support page.

This page details progress and updates during beta testing of the new site.



Fixed Errors

  • Special Offers now display pricing correctly
  • Album Tab's now work in Firefox
  • Historic customer accounts now work correctly


Fixed Errors

  • Issue with multiple CDs not displaying pricing correctly now fixed.
  • Login page does not remember password now fixed.
  • Download Manager does not display percentage of current download. Fixed. Now changed to Downloading or Pending.
  • Lower case Chandos products do not display correctly now fixed.
  • Default format should be lossless - fixed.
  • When Ordering CDs, they show as 'MP3' in the basket - fixed
  • Adding the sampler disc shows as 'Lossless' in the basket - fixed
  • Adding some discs come into basket at zero value even with details page having correct prices - fixed
  • corrected error where some albums were going into basket with zero price
  • Support ticket system now working
  • CHSA album covers not showing in basket - fixed
  • Total price of tracks selected can exceed album price - warning message added
  • Quick Search does not display album covers or meta data - does now
  • Non-existant albums now redirect to home page correctly
  • All available physical CDs now able to purchase.
  • Drill down search displays unreliable results - now more reliable
  • Quick Search now indexes complete catalogue
  • Confirmation emails now have more information/help text
  • Payment pages need embedding with clearer instructions - changed
  • Order Confirmation e-mails need correcting - changed

Known Errors and updates that still need to be looked at

  • Past Order history not being displayed in customer accounts
  • 50% special offer needs weighting for smaller labels
  • Basket does not remember order in basket when logged in
  • Ticket system not currently working correctly

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