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CHAN 10108 - Tchaikovsky: Hamlet . Festival Overture
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CD available From: 18 August 2003
 Pyotr Il'yich Tchaikovsky (1840-1893)
1 Festival Overture on the Danish National Hymn, Op. 15 13:10
Hamlet, Op. 67bis 49:16
      Overture and incidental music
2 Overture 10:03
      ACT I
3 Scene 1: Mélodrame 1:34
      Moderato assai
      First appearance of Ghost
4 Scene 4: Fanfare 0:22
      Allegro vivo
      'A Flourish of Trumpets'
5 Scene 4: Mélodrame 0:41
      Moderato assai
      Appearance of Ghost to Hamlet
6 Scene 5: Mélodrame 3:07
      Allegro giusto ed agitato
      The Ghost tells Hamlet of his father's death
      ACT II
7 Entr'acte 3:02
      Allegro semplice
      Prelude to Scene 1 and first appearance in the play of Ophelia
8 Scene 2: Fanfare 0:21
      'A Room in the Castle' - 'Flourish'
      First appearance of King, Queen, Rosencrantz, Guildenstern and Attendants
      ACT III
9 Entr'acte 3:16
      Andante quasi allegretto
      Prelude to Scene 1 which features Hamlet's soliloquy
      'To be or not to be'
10 Scene 2: Fanfare 0:10
      'A Flourish' - Enter King, Queen, Polonius, Ophelia, Rosencrantz, Guildenstern and others
11 Scene 2: Fanfare 0:15
      'The Dumb Show enters'
12 Scene 2: Mélodrame 2:04
      Allegro giusto ed agitato
      The Players enact the Scene of the Poisoning
      ACT IV
13 Entr'acte 7:12
      Andante non troppo ('Elegy for Strings')
      Prelude to Scene 1 - 'A Room in the Castle'
14 Scene 5: Scène d'Ophélie* 2:24
      'Elsinore' - Ophelia's 'Mad Scene'
15 Scene 5: Deuxième scène d'Ophélie* 2:07
      'Re-enter Ophelia, fantastically dressed with straws and flowers'
      ACT V
16 Entr'acte 5:27
      Marcia. Moderato assai
      Prelude to Scene 1 - 'A Churchyard'
17 Scene 1: Chant du Fossoyeur 0:54
18 Scene 1: Marche funèbre 4:36
      Marcia. Moderato assai
      'Funeral March' - 'Enter Priests and others in procession; the Corpse of Ophelia; Laertes and Mourners following: King, Queen and their Trains'
19 Scene 2: Fanfare 0:21
      Allegro giusto
      'Trumpets sound'
20 Scene 2: Marche finale 0:43
      Allegro risoluto ma non troppo
 Janis Kelly soprano*
 Derek Hammond-Stroud baritone†
 London Symphony Orchestra
 Geoffrey Simon
 Recorded in:
 All Saints' Church, Tooting, London
      January 1981
 Brian Couzens
 Sound Engineer(s)
 Ralph Couzens
 Bill Todd (Assistant)
 Format: Digital CD 16Bit 44.1Khz
Originally recorded in: 24 Bit Remaster

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