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CHAN 10280 - Britten: Death in Venice
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CD available From: 07 February 2005

Opera - Death in Venice

 Benjamin Britten (1913-1976)
Death in Venice, Op. 88 151:29
      An opera in two acts
      Libretto by Myfanwy Piper based on the short story by Thomas Mann
      Act I
      Scene 1. Munich
1 Aschenbach: 'My mind beats on' 5:39
      (He is suddenly aware of the Traveller. . .) -
2 Aschenbach: 'Who's that?' 4:38
3 Aschenbach: 'I have always kept a close watch over my development' 1:45
      Scene 2. On the boat to Venice
4 Youths: 'Hey there, hey there, you!' 6:52
5 Overture. Venice 2:35
      Scene 3. The journey to the Lido
6 Aschenbach: 'Ah Serenissima!' 5:09
7 Aschenbach: 'Mysterious gondola' 1:30
      Scene 4. The first evening at the hotel
8 Hotel Manager: 'We are delighted to greet the Signore' 2:52
9 Aschenbach: 'So I am led to Venice once again' 3:26
10 Hotel Guests: 'The Lido is so charming, is it not?' 3:40
11 Aschenbach: 'How does such beauty come about?' 1:35
      Scene 5. On the beach
      Aschenbach and Hotel Guests stroll about -
12 Aschenbach: 'The wind is from the West' 2:26
      (A group of children play at beach games. . .) -
13 Strawberry Seller: 'Le bele fragole' 2:21
14 Aschenbach: 'Ah, how peaceful to contemplate the sea' 2:51
      (children's games with Tadzio as ringleader) -
15 Chorus: 'Adził, Adził!' 3:30
16 Aschenbach: 'As one who strives to create beauty' 1:33
      Scene 6. The foiled departure
      Aschenbach crosses to Venice in a gondola -
17 Gondolier: 'Aou'! Stagando, aou'!' 4:48
18 Hotel Manager: 'Naturally Signore, I understand' 3:38
19 Hotel Porter: 'There you are, Signore, just in time' 1:07
20 Aschenbach: 'I am become like one of my early heroes' 1:51
21 Hotel Manager: 'A thousand apologies to the Signore' 3:43
      Scene 7. The Games of Apollo
22 Chorus of Hotel Guests: 'Beneath a dazzling sky the sea. . .' 1:17
23 Chorus: 'No boy, but Phoebus of the golden hair' 1:57
24 Chorus: 'See where Hyacinthus plays' 2:46
25 Chorus: 'Phaedrus learned what beauty is' 2:02
1 Chorus: 'First, the race!' 0:51
2 Chorus: 'Try your skill' 0:49
3 Chorus: 'Young discobolus' 0:53
4 Chorus: 'Up and over' 1:08
5 Chorus: 'Measure to fight' 1:03
6 Aschenbach: 'The boy, Tadzio, shall inspire me' 4:09
      Act II
7 [Orchestral introduction] 2:26
8 Aschenbach: 'So, it has come to this' 2:41
      Scene 8. The Hotel Barber's shop (i)
9 Hotel Barber: 'Guardate, Signore' 2:32
      Scene 9. The pursuit
      Aschenbach is crossing to Venice -
10 Aschenbach: 'Do I detect a scent?' 4:56
      (Aschenbach begins to follow the family) -
11 Aschenbach: 'And now I cannot let them out of sight' 2:31
12 Chorus: 'Kyrie eleison' 6:09
13 Aschenbach: 'Gustav von Aschenbach, what is this path you have taken?' 1:00
      Scene 10. The Strolling Players
14 Hotel Porter: 'This way for the players, Signori!' 2:06
      (The Leader of the Players comes forward. . .) -
15 Leader of the Players: 'La mia nonna always used to tell me' 2:14
16 Leader of the Players: 'Fiorir rose in mezo al giasso' 4:28
17 A Young English Clerk: 'One moment, if you please' 5:29
      Scene 11. The travel bureau
      Scene 12. The Lady of the Pearls
      Aschenbach walks up and down agitatedly -
18 Aschenbach: 'So it is true, true, more fearful than I thought' 1:44
19 Aschenbach: 'So - I didn't speak!' 2:57
      Scene 13. The dream
20 Voice of Dionysus: 'Receive the stranger god' 3:42
      Scene 14. The empty beach
      Aschenbach slowly moves to his chair on the beach. . . -
21 Aschenbach: 'Do what you will with me!' 2:05
      Scene 15. The Hotel Barber's shop (ii)
22 Hotel Barber: 'Yes! a very wise decision, if I may say so' 2:31
      Scene 16. The last visit to Venice
      Aschenbach, with his new appearance, is seen getting gaily into a gondola -
23 Aschenbach: 'Hurrah for the Piazza' 4:35
24 Aschenbach: 'Does beauty lead to wisdom, Phaedrus?' 3:21
      Scene 17. The departure
25 Hotel Manager: 'The wind still blows from the land' 4:08
      (The Hotel Manager watches Aschenbach go out to the deserted beach. . .) -
26 Aschenbach: 'Ah, no!' 5:06
 Philip Langridge tenor - Gustav von Aschenbach
 Alan Opie baritone - The Traveller, The Elderly Fop, The Old Gondolier, The Hotel Manager, The Hotel Barber, The Leader of the Players, The Voice of Dionysus
 Michael Chance counter-tenor - The Voice of Apollo
 BBC Singers
 City of London Sinfonia
 Richard Hickox
 Recorded in:
 Blackheath Halls, London
      21-24 July 2004
 Brian Couzens
 Sound Engineer(s)
 Ralph Couzens
 Michael Common (Assistant)
      Gramophone Editor's Choice>  
 Format: Digital CD 16Bit 44.1Khz
Originally recorded in: 24Bit 96Khz

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