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CHAN 3011 - Donizetti: Don Pasquale
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Opera - Don Pasquale

 Gaetano Donizetti
Don Pasquale 127:02
      Opera buffa in three acts, text by Giovanni Ruffini and the composer, after A. Anelli
      COMPACT DISC ONE 54:49
1 Overture 6:24
      Act I
      No. 1: Introduction
2 'Nine already' 1:54
      Don Pasquale
3 'May I join you?' 1:14
      Malatesta, Don Pasquale
4 'Down from among the angelic host' 3:12
      Malatesta, Don Pasquale
5 'She is my sister!' 1:16
      Malatesta, Don Pasquale
6 'Ah! Quite unexpectedly passions inflame me' 2:09
      Don Pasquale
      No. 2: Recitative and Duet
7 'I'm a new man' 2:43
      Don Pasquale, Ernesto
8 'Getting married?' 1:47
      Ernesto, Don Pasquale
9 'Never again shall I find you' 2:40
      Ernesto, Don Pasquale
10 'There's one thing I must say briefly' 1:05
      Ernesto, Don Pasquale
11 '. . .is his own sister. 0:16
      Don Pasquale, Ernesto
12 'Ah! The fates have conspired to thwart me/ 2:45
      Ernesto, Don Pasquale
      No. 3: Cavatina
13 'With just one glance she pierced him' 2:14
14 'I too have seen how magical' 4:03
      No. 4: Recitative and Duet. Finale I
15 'Still no sign of the doctor!' 2:39
      Norina, Malatesta
16 'I'll find a way, on one condition' 3:09
      Norina, Malatesta
17 'Am I to be haughty?' 1:50
      Norina, Malatesta
18 'Onwards, upwards' 3:30
      Norina, Malatesta
      Act II
      No. 5: Prelude and Aria
19 'Poor, lost Ernesto!' 4:04
20 'I shall go, no more returning' 2:24
21 'And if you ever encounter' 3:21
      COMPACT DISC TWO 72:13
      No. 6: Scene and Trio
1 'After you have shown in Doctor Malatesta' 1:40
      Don Pasquale
2 'Don't be frightened, just believe me' 4:22
      Malatesta, Norina, Don pasquale
      No. 7: Scene and Quartet. Finale II
3 'There's no need to be firghtened' 2:52
      Malatesta, Norina
4 'Heaven preserve me!' 1:42
      Don Pasquale, Malatesta, Norina
5 'Agreement between the . . . etcetera' 2:57
      Malatesta, Notary, Don Pasquale
6 'You idiots, let me through here' 2:05
      Ernesto, Norina, Malatesta, Don Pasquale
7 'So let the marriage contract be finalized at once' 1:32
      Malatesta, Notary, Norina, Don Pasquale, Ernesto
8 'A man of such decrepitude' 1:31
      Norina, Don Pasquale, Malatesta, Ernesto
9 'I've used persuasion first' 3:34
      Norina, Malatesta, Don Pasquale, Ernesto
10 'I wish to see the servants' 2:46
      Norina, Don Pasquale, Malatesta, Ernesto
11 'I've been cheated and disparaged' 2:28
      Don Pasquale, Ernesto, Norina, Malatesta
      Act III
      No. 8: Introductory Chorus
12 'Bring the diamonds, quickly!' 1:15
      Servants, Don Pasquale
      No. 9: Recitative and Duet
13 'Let's see now: to the dress shop' 1:52
      Don Pasquale
14 'Well good evening! You're in a hurry' 2:56
      Don Pasquale, Norina
15 'It is over, Don Pasquale' 3:30
      Don Pasquale, Norina
16 'My husband, my sweetest' 2:43
      Norina, Don Pasquale
      No. 10: Recitative
17 'Another bill for bonnets or for ribbons' 1:27
      Don Pasquale
18 'Everyone endlessly coming and going!' 3:50
      No. 11: Recitative and Duet
19 'We're agreed then' 1:05
      Malatesta, Erneto
20 'Don Pasquale . . .' 3:32
      Malatesta, Don Pasquale
21 'No more words, not even whispers' 3:59
      Don Pasquale, Malatesta
22 'What a disaster, my little schemer' 2:35
      Don Pasquale, Malatesta
      No. 12: Serenade and Nocturne
23 'The night is calm' 4:06
      Ernesto, Chorus
24 'Come, say the words I long for' 3:29
      Norina, Ernesto
      No. 13: Scene and Rondo. Finale III
25 'Here they are! Ready to pounce?' 3:16
      Don Pasquale, Malatesta, Norina
26 'Here I am' 1:21
      Ernesto, Malatesta, Norina, Don Pasquale
27 'Let's forget everything' 3:41
      Don Pasquale, Malatesta, Norina, Ernesto, Servants
 Andrew Shore baritone - Don Pasquale
 Jason Howard baritone - Dr Malatesta
 Barry Banks tenor - Ernesto
 Lynne Dawson soprano - Norina
 Clive Bayley bass - A Notary
 Geoffrey Mitchell Choir
 London Philharmonic Orchestra
 David Parry
 Recorded in:
 Blackheath Halls, London
      15, 17, 18, 20 & 21 November 1997
 Brian Couzens
 Sound Engineer(s)
 Ralph Couzens
 Peter Newble (Assistant)
 Richard Smoker (Assistant)
 Format: Digital CD 16Bit 44.1Khz
Originally recorded in: 20 Bit / 44.1K

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