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CHAN 3025 - Rossini: The Barber Of Seville
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Opera - The Barber of Seville

 Gioachino Rossini
The Barber of Seville 149:00
      An opera in two acts
      Critical edition by Alberto Zedda
      Libretto by Cesare Sterbini after the play Le Barbier de Séville by Beaumarchais
      English translation by Amanda and Anthony Holden
1 Overture 7:04
      Act I (Beginning)
2 'Piano, pianissimo' 3:22
      Fiorello, Chorus, the Count
3 'See how the smile of heaven' 4:18
      The Count
4 'Hey, Fiorello!' 1:16
      The Count, Fiorello, Chorus
5 'Thank you, thank you' 1:47
      Chorus, Fiorello, the Count
6 'What common people!' 0:28
      The Count, Fiorello
7 'La la la lera' 4:39
8 'Ah ha! What could be better?' 2:05
      Figaro, the Count
9 'I cannot see him anywhere' 1:37
      Rosina, the Count, Bartolo, Figaro
10 'Poor little innocent creature!' 2:40
      The Count, Figaro, Bartolo
11 'My poor heart is so full of emotion' 3:09
      The Count, Rosina, Figaro
12 'What's happened?' 1:05
      The Count, Figaro
13 'You need only mention money' 7:59
      Figaro, the Count
14 'In my heart a gentle voice' 2:37
15 'I can be so demure' 3:57
16 'Oh yes, I'll win the day' 0:39
17 'Good morning, Signorina' 0:45
      Figaro, Rosina
18 'Where would I be without him?' 1:07
      Rosina, Bartolo
19 'Who'd know?' 1:38
      Bartolo, Basilio
20 'Innuendo, the slightest whisper' 3:47
21 'Well, what d'you think?' 3:47
      Basilio, Bartolo
22 'So that's it!' 2:45
      Figaro, Rosina
23 'Then it's me . . .' 5:25
      Rosina, Figaro
24 'Now I feel so much better' 1:51
      Rosina, Bartolo
25 'Dare you offer such excuses' 6:44
      Act I (Conclusion)
1 'Where's the master?' 3:09
      The Count, Bartolo
2 'Ah! How long 'til I behold her?' 6:07
      The Count, Bartolo, Rosina, Berta, Basilio
3 'Stop this noise!' 1:14
      Figaro, Bartolo, the Count, Rosina, Berta, Basilio
4 'Someone is at the door' 1:13
      Rosina, Berta, Figaro, the Count, Bartolo, Basilio, Chorus
5 'Pay attention! What's the trouble?' 1:24
      Chorus, Bartolo, Figaro, Basilio, Berta, the Count, Rosina, Officer
6 'Frozen and motionless' 3:26
      Rosina, the Count, Bartolo, Basilio, Figaro
7 'If I may . . .' 4:54
      Bartolo, Berta, Basilio, Chorus, Rosina, the Count, Figaro
      Act II
8 'I've got to find the answer!' 0:54
9 'Peace and joy be yours for ever' 2:25
      The Count, Bartolo
10 'I don't think we have met, Sir' 2:50
      Bartolo, the Count
11 'Come along, my dear, and listen' 1:05
      Bartolo, Rosina, the Count
12 'When a heart for love is yearning' 7:26
      Rosina, the Count
13 'What a talent, Bravissima!' 0:40
      The Count, Rosina, Bartolo
14 'Sweet little seventeena' 0:59
15 'Bravo, Signor Figaro' 3:07
      Bartolo, Figaro, Rosina, the Count
16 'Don Basilio . . .' 6:38
      Rosina, the Count, Figaro, Bartolo, Basilio
17 'Now then, Signor Don Bartolo' 3:58
      Figaro, Bartolo, the Count, Rosina
18 'Things can't get much worse' 0:41
19 'He wouldn't trust his mother!' 0:29
20 'First the Docctor wants to marry' 3:23
21 'So this is pupil Alonso' 1:05
      Bartolo, Basilio
22 'By force or persuasion' 2:52
      Bartolo, Rosina
23 Thunderstorm 3:09
24 'We've made it' 1:13
      Figaro, the Count, Rosina
25 'Almaviva, not Lindoro!' 7:08
      Rosina, Figaro, the Count
26 'Ah! That's all we needed!' 0:25
      Figaro, the Count, Rosina
27 'Don Bartolo' 1:00
      Basilio, Figaro, the Count, Rosina
28 'Don't move a muscle!' 0:19
      Bartolo, Figaro, Officer, the Count
29 'I love a happy ending' 2:27
      Figaro, Berta, Bartolo, Basilio, Chorus, Rosina, the Count
 Bruce Ford tenor - Count Almaviva
 Andrew Shore baritone - Bartolo
 Della Jones mezzo-soprano - Rosina
 Alan Opie baritone - Figaro
 Peter Rose bass - Don Basilio
 Peter Snipp baritone - Fiorello
 Jennifer Rhys-Davies soprano - Berta
 Christopher Ross bass - An Officer
 English National Opera Chorus
 English National Opera Orchestra
 Gabriele Bellini
 Recorded in:
 Goldsmiths College, New Cross, London
      9-14 August 1994
 Brian Couzens
 Sound Engineer(s)
 Ralph Couzens
 Richard Smoker (Assistant)
 Format: Digital CD 16Bit 44.1Khz
Originally recorded in: 24Bit 96Khz

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