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CHAN 3052 - Verdi: Ernani
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CD available From: 13 August 2001

Opera -Ernani

 Giuseppe Verdi (1813-1901)
Ernani 132:00
      Opera in four parts
      Libretto by Francesco Maria Piave after Victor Hugo's play Hernani
      English translation by Antony Peattie
      Part I: The Bandit
1 Prelude 3:12
2 'To living . . . Let's drink!' 3:33
3 'My friends, I'm very grateful' 1:07
4 'Just as the gentle rain from Heav'n' 2:41
5 'We must save her . . .' 0:51
      Ernani, Bandits
6 'In our exile, in our sorrow' - 3:30
      '(Elvira I adore you)'
7 'Darkness has fallen, and Silva's not returned yet!' 2:15
8 'Ernani! Ernani, rescue me' 2:26
9 'All Spanish girls will envy you' 1:20
10 'How sweet of you to share with me' 0:12
11 '(I despise all that I'm offered)' 3:15
      Elvira, Ladies-in-waiting
12 'I wish to see her directly' 3:07
      Carlo, Giovanna, Elvira
13 'Since the day when first I saw you' 3:59
      Carlo, Elvira
14 'Do not argue . . . You'll be mine . . .' 0:41
      Carlo, Elvira, Ernani
15 'You're Ernani! At once I despise you' 3:02
      Carlo, Ernani, Elvira
16 'How could this happen?' 0:57
17 'I've been cheated, for I believed her' 2:47
18 'My name has been dishonoured' 0:25
19 'As long as I can hold a sword' 3:06
      Silva, Knights
20 'Outside, now!' 1:24
      Silva, Ernani, Carlo, Jago, Riccardo
21 'Look at how that good old soldier' 3:28
      Carlo, Riccardo, Silva, Jago, Giovanna, Chorus, Ernani, Elvira
22 'Ah! Forgive me sire, I beg you' 3:48
      Silva, Carlo, Elvira, Ernani, Riccardo, Giovanna, Ladies-in-waiting, Chorus
      Part II: The Guest
23 'Let's enjoy this, and give in to pleasure' 2:44
      Silva's courtiers
24 'Jago, admit the pilgrim here directly' 2:19
      Silva, Ernani, Elvira
25 'More gold than you could desire is yours' 2:32
      Ernani, Elvira, Silva
26 'Within this fortress every guest' 0:25
27 'Such treachery!' 4:33
      Ernani, Elvira
28 'You've betrayed me' 0:58
      Silva, Jago, Ernani
29 'No, my vengeance won't be hurried' 2:02
      Silva, Elvira, Ernani
1 'Dear Cousin, why so defensive?' 3:19
      Carlo, Silva
2 'We'll discover, reckless gambler' 2:37
      Carlo, Silva
3 'We've gone all over the fortress' 2:55
      Cavaliers, Carlo, Elvira, Silva
4 'Come with me and let me spoil you' 4:03
      Carlo, Riccardo, Cavaliers, Giovanna, Ladies-in-waiting, Elvira, Silva
5 'Even if Heaven watches over you' 5:04
      Silva, Ernani, Silva's men
6 'Bring your horses and fetch all your weapons' 1:47
      Ernani, Silva, Silva's men
      Part III: Mercy
7 'You're sure they'll meet here?' 3:50
      Carlo, Riccardo
8 'Great Heavens!' 1:31
9 'When I was young and trusting' 3:40
10 'Ad Augusta!' 5:06
      Conspirators, Ernani, Silva, Jago
11 'We're brothers!' 2:14
      'Let the Lion of Castile awaken'
12 'What is happening?' 3:49
      Conspirators, Carlo, Riccardo, Ernani, Elvira
13 'Charlemagne inspire me' 4:30
      Carlo, Silva
      Part IV: The Mask
14 'How happy together are both wife and husband' 3:28
15 'Now all is quiet' 6:40
      Ernani, Elvira, Silva
16 'I've suffered, alone in misery' 8:35
      Ernani, Silva, Elvira
17 'Elvira! Elvira!' 1:53
      Ernani, Elvira
 Julian Gavin tenor - Ernani
 Alan Opie baritone - Don Carlo
 Peter Wedd tenor - Don Riccardo
 Peter Rose bass - Don Ruy Gomez de Silva
 Susan Patterson soprano - Elvira
 Helen Williams soprano - Giovanna
 Paul Hodges bass - Jago
      Chorus of bandits, ladies-in-waiting, knights, retainers, conspirators, noblemen and noblewomen
 English National Opera Chorus
 English National Opera Orchestra
 David Parry
 Recorded in:
 Blackheath Halls, London
      12-16 July 2000
 Brian Couzens
 Sound Engineer(s)
 Jonathan Cooper
 Richard Smoker (Assistant)
 Format: Digital CD 16Bit 44.1Khz
Originally recorded in: 24 Bit / 192K

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