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CHAN 3079 - Verdi: Falstaff
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CD available From: 15 April 2002

Opera - Falstaff

 Giuseppe Verdi (1813-1901)
Falstaff 125:36
      Comic opera in three acts
      Libretto by Arrigo Boito after Shakespeare's The Merry Wives of Windsor and Henry IV
      English translation by Amanda Holden
      Act I
      Scene 1 (16:53)
1 'Falstaff!' 5:07
      Dr Caius, Falstaff, Bardolph, Pistol
2 'Your bill, sir' 3:12
      Landlord, Falstaff, Bardolph, Pistol
3 'Are you acquainted with a merchant whose name is Ford?' 2:50
      Falstaff, Bardolph, Pistol
4 'So now, convey these scorching letters' 1:07
      Falstaff, Pistol, Bardolph
5 'Your honour? Vermin!' 4:37
      Scene 2 (15:50)
6 'Dear Alice!' 1:17
      Meg, Alice, Quickly, Nannetta
7 '''Heavenly Alice, let me love you . . .''' 2:36
      Meg, Alice, Quickly, Nannetta
8 'Monster!' 1:34
      Quickly, Mag, Nannetta, Alice, Dr Caius, Bardolph, Fenton, Pistol, Ford
9 'Again please' 1:32
      Ford, Pistol, Dr Caius, Bardolph, Fenton, Nannetta, Alice, Meg, Quickly
10 'Pst, pst, Nannetta' 1:45
      Fenton, Nannetta
11 'Falstaff has dared to mock me!' 1:31
      Alice, Meg, Nannetta, Quickly
12 'Back to the jousting . . .' 2:27
      Fenton, Nannetta
13 'You'll gather from his boasting' 1:37
      Bardolph, Ford, Pistol, Dr Caius, Fenton
14 'Enough of this chattering' 1:32
      Alice, Nannetta, Quickly, Meg
      Act II
      Scene 1 (25:13)
15 'We're converted, we've reverted' 1:07
      Bardolph, Pistol, Falstaff
16 'Sir, your servant!' 2:28
17 'I've another commission to bring your worship' 2:28
      Quickly, Falstaff
18 'Alice is mine!' 1:20
19 'Sir John, outside there is a certain Master Brook' 0:40
      Bardolph, Falstaff
20 'Good sir, may God be with you!' 3:07
      Ford, Falstaff, Bardolph, Pistol
21 'In Windsor there's a lady' 3:32
22 'This cruel beauty has a reputation' 3:39
      Ford, Falstaff
23 'I'm dreaming! Or is this true?' 5:05
24 'How do I look? I'm ready' 1:47
      Falstaff, Ford
      Scene 2 (20:03)
1 'I think we should propose a bill' 0:40
      Alice, Quickly, Meg
2 'I hurry down the river to the Garter' 1:07
3 'It's really very simple' 2:14
      Quickly, Meg, Alice, Quickly
4 'Witty young women of Windsor . . .' 1:50
      Nannetta, Meg, Alice, Quickly
5 'At last I've caught you' 3:49
      Falstaff, Alice
6 'When I was page to the noble Duke of York' 0:59
      Falstaff, Alice, Quickly
7 'Mistress Alice, it's Mistress Meg' 1:00
      Quickly, Falstaff, Alice, Meg
8 'He jumped the hedge, and he trampled the hydrangea' 1:41
      Quickly, Ford, Falstaff, Bardolph, Pistol, Alice, Meg
9 'Come here!' 0:50
      Nannetta, Fenton
10 'I'll kill him! I'll slaughter him!' 0:50
      Dr Caius, Ford, Pistol, Bardolph, Nannetta, Fenton
11 'When I catch you . . .' 3:16
      Ford, Dr Caius, Quickly, Meg, Bardolph, Pistol, Fenton, Nannetta, Chorus, Alice
12 'It's not him!' 1:45
      Dr Caius, Alice, Meg, Quickly, Bardolph, Ford, Pistol, Chorus, Nannetta, Fenton
      Act III
      Scene 1 (17:00)
13 'Hey! Landlord!' 6:36
14 'Sir, your servant!' 3:19
      Quickly, Falstaff, Alice, Ford, Nannetta, Meg, Dr Caius
15 'Just as the chimes of midnight are resounding' 4:59
      Quickly, Ford, Alice, Nannetta, Meg, Fenton
16 'Don't forget the lanterns' 2:06
      Alice, Ford, Dr Caius, Meg, Quickly, Nannetta
      Scene 2 (30:07)
17 [Introduction] 1:16
18 'From lover's lips a happy song' 2:34
      Fenton, Nannetta
19 'Master Fenton, put on this friar's habit' 0:56
      Alice, Fenton, Nannetta, Quickly, Meg
20 'One, two, three, four, five, six, seven chimes' 3:13
21 'I hear a nimble footstep' 1:14
      Falstaff, Alice, Meg
22 'Woon-nymphs, elfins, naiads, leprechauns and sirens' 1:56
      Nannetta, Chorus, Falstaff, Alice
23 'Upon a fragrant breath of night' 4:25
      Nannetta, Chorus
24 'Who goes there?' 0:57
      Bardolph, Pistol, Falstaff, Quickly, Alice, Nannetta, Meg, Chorus, Ford
25 'Pinch him and burn him' 0:56
      Alice, Meg, Quickly, Falstaff, Chorus
26 'Buffoon!' 2:08
      Dr Caius, Ford, Bardolph, Pistol, Alice, Quickly, Meg, Chorus
27 'Nose incandescent! Nozzle rubescent!' 2:53
      Falstaff, Quickly, Ford, Meg, Alice
28 'So the commonest rabble have collected' 1:22
      Falstaff, Chorus, Ford
29 'Now the bride is approaching with her bridegroom' 1:11
      Ford, Falstaff, Chorus, Alice
30 'Ha, ha!' 1:55
      Falstaff, Pistol, Chorus, Dr Caius, Ford, Alice, Bardolph, Fenton, Nannetta
31 'Life is a burst of laughter' 3:11
      Falstaff, All
 Andrew Shore baritone - Sir John Falstaff
 Yvonne Kenny soprano - Mrs Alice Ford
 Ashley Holland baritone - Ford
 Susan Gritton soprano - Nannetta
 Barry Banks tenor - Fenton
 Stuart Kale tenor - Dr Caius
 Rebecca de Pont Davies mezzo-soprano - Mistress Quickly
 Alice Coote mezzo-soprano - Mrs Meg Page
 Clive Bayley bass - Pistol
 Richard Roberts tenor - Bardolph
 English National Opera Chorus
 English National Opera Orchestra
 Paul Daniel
 Recorded in:
 Blackheath Halls, London
      27 May-3 June 2001
 Brian Couzens
 Sound Engineer(s)
 Jonathan Cooper
 Christopher Brooke (Assistant)
 Format: Digital CD 16Bit 44.1Khz
Originally recorded in: 24Bit 96Khz

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