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CHAN 3083 - Donizetti: Lucia of Lammermoor
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CD available From: 19 August 2002

Opera - Lucia of Lammermoor

 Gaetano Donizetti (1797-1848)
Lucia of Lammermoor 142:27
      Tragic drama in three acts
      Libretto by Salvatore Cammarano after Walter Scott's novel The Bride of Lammermoor
      English translation by David Parry
      Part One: The Parting
      Scene 1 A garden at Ravenswood Castle
      No. 1: Prelude and Introductory Chorus
1 Prelude 2:47
2 'Through the park and the woods that surround it' 2:03
      Normanno, Chorus
      Scene 2
      No. 2 Scena and Cavatina
3 'You seem unhappy' 2:55
      Normanno, Enrico, Raimondo
4 'Trembling, I feel the horror' 2:15
      Enrico, Normanno, Raimondo
      Scene 3
5 'Your suspicions are confirmed now' 2:09
      Chorus, Normanno, Enrico, Raimondo
6 'All in vain do you try' 3:36
      Enrico, Chorus, Raimondo
      Scene 4 The Park
      No. 3: Scena and Cavatina
7 [Introduction] 2:34
8 'He is not here yet! . . .' 1:47
9 'In deepest night a silence reigned' 4:27
10 'When, in the burning ecstasy' 4:52
      Lucia, Alisa
      No. 4: Scene and Duet
11 'Here is Edgardo . . .' 2:52
      Alisa, Edgardo, Lucia
12 'Pray remember that my father' 3:18
13 'Let us swear to love for ever' 2:23
      Edgardo, Lucia
14 'Imagine when the breezes sigh' 4:51
      Lucia, Edgardo
      Part Two, Act I: The Marriage Contract
      Scene 1
      No. 5: Scena
15 'Lucia is coming to you soon' 3:13
      Normanno, Enrico
      Scene 2
      No. 6: Duet
16 'Come here to me, Lucia' 1:12
17 'In my eyes, as I approach you' 4:41
18 'In secret I suffered the loneliness' 3:56
19 'What is that?' 1:29
      Lucia, Enrico
20 'Your refusal will destroy me' 3:19
      Enrico, Lucia
      Scene 3
      No. 7: Scena and Aria
21 'At last!' 1:55
      Lucia, Raimondo
22 'Ah! Listen, listen to friendly guidance' 2:17
23 'In making such a sacrifice' 3:33
      Raimondo, Lucia
      Scene 4 A hall prepared for Arturo's reception
      No. 8a: Finale II
1 'We welcome you to celebrate' 3:40
      Chorus, Arturo
      No. 8b: Scena and Quartet
2 'Where is Lucia?' 1:44
      Arturo, Enrico, Chorus
3 'Our mother's death still grieves her . . .' 2:13
      Enrico, Lucia, Arturo, Raimondo, Alisa, Chorus
4 'What restrains me at such a moment?' 3:29
      Edgardo, Enrico, Lucia, Raimondo, Alisa, Arturo
      No. 8c: Continuation and Stretta of Finale II
5 'Wretched man, do as we tell you' 3:22
      Arturo, Enrico, Edgardo, Raimondo, Lucia, Chorus
6 'Go, you villain, detested and hated!' 2:21
      Arturo, Enrico, Chorus, Raimondo, Lucia, Edgardo, Alisa
      Part Two, Act III
      Scene 1 Wolf's Crag tower
7 'Violent and cruel is the night' 2:18
      Edgardo, Enrico
      Scene 2
8 'Ashton!' 5:52
9 'I long for the moment when daylight is dawning' 2:45
      Edgardo, Enrico
      Scene 3 The Castle hall
      No. 10a: Chorus
10 'So great the happiness that we are voicing' 1:46
      Scene 4
      No. 10b: Gran Scena with Chorus
11 'Stop at once your celebrations' - 3:00
      'From the chamber'
      Raimondo, Chorus
12 'What you have told us is past believing!' 3:02
      Chorus, Raimondo
      Scene 5
      No. 10c: Scena and Aria
13 'Oh God in heaven!' 3:16
      Chorus, Lucia
14 'Alas! I see the spectre between us' 3:59
15 'They bring the incense' 6:33
      Lucia, Raimondo, Normanno, Chorus
      Scene 6
16 'Here is Enrico' 3:03
      Raimondo, Enrico, Chorus, Lucia
17 'Scatter your tears of anguish' 4:40
      Lucia, Enrico, Raimondo, Chorus
      Scene 7 Raveswod tombs
      No. 12: Aria Finale
18 'My ancestors lie here buried' 4:13
19 'A lonely grave will shelter me' 3:25
      Scene 8
20 'Such misfortune!' 4:13
      Chorus, Edgardo, Raimondo
21 'Rest in peace, for I shall follow' 4:46
      Edgardo, Raimondo, Chorus
 Elizabeth Futral soprano - Lucia
 Alan Opie baritone - Enrico Ashton
 Peter Wedd tenor - Lord Arturo Bucklaw
 Paul Charles Clarke tenor - Edgardo
 Peter Rose bass - Raimondo Bidebent
 Christine Rice mezzo-soprano - Alisa
 Stephen Chaundy tenor - Normanno
 Geoffrey Mitchell Choir
 Philharmonia Orchestra
 David Parry
 Recorded in:
 Blackheath Halls, London
      2-6 September 2001
 Brian Couzens
 Sound Engineer(s)
 Ralph Couzens
 Christopher Brooke (Assistant)
 Michael Common (Assistant)
 Format: Digital CD 16Bit 44.1Khz
Originally recorded in: 24Bit 96Khz

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