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CHAN 3123 - Beethoven: Opera - 'Fidelio'
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CD available From: 09 May 2005
 Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827)
Fidelio 111:00
      Opera in two acts
      Libretto by Joseph von Sonnleithner,with revisions by Stephan von Breuning and Georg Treitschke, after Jean-Nicolas Bouilly's Léonore, ou L'amour conjugal
      English translation by David Pountney
1 Overture 6:31
      Act I
      Scene 1
2 No. 1 Duet: 'These people could drive you berserk' 4:55
      Jaquino, Marzellina, Rocco
3 No. 2 Aria: 'If only we could marry today' 4:31
      Marzellina, Rocco, Leonora
4 No. 3 Quartet: 'A wonder, clear and pure' 4:34
      Marzellina, Leonora, Rocco, Jaquino
5 No. 4 Aria: 'If you don't save up your money' 3:35
      Rocco, Leonora, Marzellina
6 No. 5 Trio: 'Good, that's the stuff!. . .' 5:51
      Rocco, Leonora, Marzellina
      Scene 2
7 No. 6 March - 1:45
      Dialogue: 'This handwriting seems familiar'
8 No. 7 Aria with choir: 'Ah! This is ecstasy!' 3:24
      Pizarro, Chorus of sentries
9 No. 8 Duet: 'Now, Warder, listen!' 5:20
      Pizarro, Rocco
10 No. 9 Recitative and Aria: 'Vile murderer! Sadistic swine!' 1:56
11 'Come hope, you faint and distant star' 5:12
12 Dialogue: 'But Marzellina. . .' 0:45
      Jaquino, Marzellina, Rocco, Leonora
13 No. 10 Finale: 'Oh, what delight to breathe the air' 7:38
      Chorus, First prisoner, Second prisoner
14 'What did he say?' 2:20
      Leonora, Rocco
15 'Let's down to work, for time is pressing' 2:36
      Rocco, Leonora
16 'Oh father, do be quick!' 0:41
      Marzellina, Rocco, Jaquino, Leonora
17 'Presumptuous idiot, who are you to take such a liberty' 1:43
      Pizarro, Rocco
18 'Farewell, the warm and radiant light' 4:19
      Chorus of Prisoners, Marzellina, Leonora, Jaquino, Pizarro, Rocco
      Act II
      Scene 1
1 No. 11 Introduction and Aria: Introduction 3:14
2 Aria: 'God! The darkest hours' 1:51
3 'In the spring of youthful promise' 4:52
4 No. 12 Melodrama and Duet: 'How cold it is in these dungeons' 1:51
      Leonora, Rocco
5 'Now bend your back, let's see you working' 5:00
      Rocco, Leonora, Florestan
6 No. 13 Trio: 'In a better world, they surely shall applaud you' 6:13
      Florestan, Rocco, Leonora, Pizarro
7 No. 14 Quartet: 'You perish!' 4:44
      Pizarro, Florestan, Leonora, Rocco, Jaquino
8 No. 15 Duet: 'Oh joy beyond all understanding' 2:48
      Leonora, Florestan
      Scene 2
9 No. 16 Finale: 'Hear! Hear! Hear how the world wildly rejoices' 2:03
      Chorus of People
10 'My noble sovereign's will and order' 4:09
      Fernando, Chorus of people and prisoners, Rocco, Pizzaro, Leonora, Marzellina
11 'Oh God, oh God, what ecstasy!' 2:52
      Chorus, Leonora, Marzellina, Florestan, Fernando, Rocco
12 'Let our voices tell the story' 3:39
      Chorus, Florestan, Leonora, Rocco, Marzellina, Jaquino, Fernando
 Robert Lloyd bass -Rocco
 Rebecca Evans soprano - Marzellina
 Peter Wedd tenor - Jaquino
 Pavlo Hunka bass-baritone - Don Pizarro
 Christopher Purves bass - Don Fernando & Second prisoner
 Richard Margison tenor - Florestan
 Christine Brewer soprano - Leonora
 Ashley Catling tenor - First prisoner
 Philharmonia Orchestra
 David Parry
 Recorded in:
 Blackheath Halls, London
      21-25 August 2004
 Brian Couzens
 Sound Engineer(s)
 Ralph Couzens
 Michael Common (Assistant)
 John Benton (Assistant)
 Format: Digital CD 16Bit 44.1Khz
Originally recorded in: 24Bit 96Khz

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