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CHAN 3138 - Janacek: The Makropulos Case
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CD available From: 01 February 2007
 Leos Janacek (1854-1928)
The Makropulos Case 125:43
      Opera in Three Acts
      Libretto by the composer after Karel Capek's comedy Vec Makropulos
      English translation by Norman Tucker
      Act I 35:45
1 Prelude 5:22
2 'Oh dear, my goodness!' 4:14
      Vítek, Gregor
3 'Daddy, she really is wonderful' 1:55
      Kristina, Gregor, Vítek
4 'Come this way please' 11:23
      Kolenaty, Kristina, Marty, Gregor
5 'Gone at last!' 5:53
6 'Emilia' 4:10
      Gregor, Marty
7 'Found it! We've found it' 2:45
      Kolenaty, Marty, Gregor, Prus
      Act II 30:25
8 'Did you ever see such flowers?' 2:14
      Cleaner, Stage Hand, Prus
9 'Janek, come on. No one here will see us' 6:35
      Kristina, Janek, Prus, Marty, Gregor, Vítek
10 'Excuse me. Excuse me, may I…' 4:15
      Hauk, Marty, Prus
11 'And the next! Is that the lot?' 1:34
      Marty, Vítek, Kristina, Janek, Prus, Gregor
12 'Allow me to ask this question' 6:29
      Prus, Marty
13 'Is that you, Bertie?' 9:17
      Marty, Gregor, Cleaner, Janek, Prus
      Act III 29:34
1 'Well? D'you hear me?' 5:30
      Marty, Prus, Chambermaid
2 'Buenos dias Maxi! Why so early?' 3:29
      Marty, Hauk, Chambermaid, Kolenaty, Gregor
3 'The seal and th'initials E.M.' 12:20
      Gregor, Vítek, Kolenaty, Prus, Marty, Kristina
4 'Fetch the doctor!' 8:14
      Kolenaty, Marty, Gregor, Vítek, Prus, Kristina, Chorus
      Interview with Sir Charles Mackerras
      Sir Charles Mackerra talks with Rodney Milnes about how he came to love Janácek, the man and the musician.
5 Parts 1-6 29.29
 Cheryl Barker soprano - Emilia Marty (E.M.)
 Neal Davies bass-baritone - Dr Kolenaty
 John Graham-Hall tenor - Vítek
 Elena Xanthoudakis soprano - Kristina
 Robert Brubaker tenor - Albert Gregor
 John Wegner baritone - Baron Jaroslav Prus
 Thomas Walker tenor - Janek Prus
 Graham Clark Count Hauk-Šendorf
 Graham Danby bass - Stage Hand
 Kathleen Wilkinson mezzo-soprano - Cleaner
 Susanna Tudor-Thomas mezzo-soprano - Chambermaid
 English National Opera Chorus
 English National Opera Orchestra
 Sir Charles Mackerras
 Recorded in:
 London Coliseum
      18, 20, 24 & 26 May 2006
 Brian Couzens
 Sound Engineer(s)
 Mike Hatch
 Andrew Mellor
 Format: Digital CD 16Bit 44.1Khz
Originally recorded in: 24Bit 96Khz

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