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CHAN 3148 - Wagner: The Mastersingers of Nuremberg
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CD available From: 01 July 2008
 Richard Wagner (1813-1883)
The Mastersingers of Nuremberg 292:46
      Music drama in three acts
      Libretto by the composer, English translation by Frederick Jameson, revised by Norman Feasey and Gordon Kember
1 Prelude 10:55
      Act I
2 'As to thee our Saviour came' 4:00
3 'Oh stay! A word! one single word!' 9:47
      Walther, Eva, Magdalene, David
4 'David, come on, lend a hand!' 2:12
      Apprentices, David, Walther
5 My Lord! The Mastersinger's way' 6:50
      David, Walther, Apprentices
6 'What's this that you've done?' 3:48
      David, Apprentices
7 'Be well assured of my good favour' 5:08
      Pogner, Beckmesser, Walther, Sachs, Vogelgesang, Nachtigal
8 'Now to a trial, as summoned hither' 3:05
      Kothner, Pogner, Vogelgesang, Ortel, Zorn, Nachtigal, Moser, Apprentice, David, Sachs, Beckmesser, Eisslinger, Foltz, Schwartz
9 'The feast of John, Midsummer day' 13:22
      Pogner, Mastersingers, Apprentices, Vogelgesang, Sachs, Kothner, Pogner, Beckmesser, Nachtigal
10 '(Just as I thought!)' 2:54
      Beckmesser, Mastersingers, Kothner, Pogner, Nachtigal, Sachs
11 'By silent hearth, one winter's day' 9:01
      Walther, Sachs, Beckmesser, Kothner, Vogelgesang, Nachtigal
12 'To make your footsteps safe and sure' 3:22
      Kothner, Walther, Beckmesser
1 '''Now begin'' So cried the sun with the land!' 3:47
2 'Then have you finished?' 2:34
      Beckmesser, Walther, Pogner, Mastersingers, Kothner, Ortel, Moser, Foltz, Nachtigal, Vogelgesang, Zorn
3 'Stay, Masters! Why so much haste?' 8:18
      Sachs, Beckmesser, Nachtigal, Kothner, Pogner, Mastersigners, Walther, Apprentices
      Act II
4 Prelude 0:55
5 'Midsummer day! Midsummer day!' 3:21
      Apprentices, David, Magdalene, Sachs
6 'We'll see if Master Sachs is there' 6:08
      Pogner, Eva, Magdalene
7 'A pretty secret, that!' 1:02
      Eva, Sachs, David
8 'The elder's scent, how tender' 7:05
9 'Good evening, Master!' 12:14
      Eva, Sachs, Magdalene, Pogner
10 'He's here now!' 9:09
      Eva. Magdalene, Walther, Nightwatchman, Sachs
11 'What! Sachs! He too?' 1:17
      Walther, Eva, Sachs
12 'Jerum! Jerum! Hal-la-hal-lo-he! O-ho!' 12:16
      Sachs, Beckmesser, Walther, Eva
13 '''I see now dawning daylight''' 5:58
      Beckmesser, Sachs, David, Kothner, Neighbours
14 'The devil take your song, accursed rogue!' 5:33
      David, Magdalene, Beckmesser, Neighbours, Journeymen, Apprentices, Women, Pogner, Walther, Sachs, Nightwatchman
      Act III
1 Prelude 7:40
2 'Here, master, here!' 7:57
      David, Sachs
3 'Fools! Fools! Ev'rywhere fools' 8:00
4 'My friend, good morning!' 4:57
5 'My friend, in joyful days of youth' 5:20
      Sachs, Walther
6 '''Warm in the sunlight, at dawning of day''' 12:11
      Walther, Sachs
7 Interlude 3:34
8 'A Trial Song by Sachs! Is it true?' 4:25
      Beckmesser, Sachs
9 'It was here, the paper!' 8:35
      Sachs, Beckmesser
10 'Here's Eva! I had wondered where she was!' 4:58
      Sachs, Eva
11 '''Lured from their dances, the stars glided down''' 3:00
      Walther, Sachs
12 'The life of a cobbler's nothing but woe!' 1:35
13 'O Sachs! My friend! So kind thou art!' 4:30
      Eva, Sachs
1 'A child has been created' 4:04
2 'Radiant as the dawning that enchants my sight' 5:26
      Eva, Walther, Sachs, Magdalene, David
3 'Now, Walther come! You must be brave!' 2:25
4 'Saint Crispin, Saint Crispin!' 4:08
      Shoemakers, Tailors, Bakers, Apprentices
5 'You dance? Look out if the Masters see you!' 2:40
      David, Apprentices, Journeymen
6 Entrance of the Mastersingers - '''Silentium! Silentium!'' 4:04
      Apprentices, People
7 'Awake! The dawn of day draws near!' 3:38
8 'Words light to you' 8:14
      Sachs, Pogner, Beckmesser, Kothner, People, Apprentices
9 '''Bathing in sunlight at dawning of day''' 4:05
      Beckmesser, Mastersingers, People, Kothner, Nachtigal, Vogelgesang, Ortel, Foltz
10 'The song, in truth, is not by me' 4:53
      Sachs, Mastersingers, People, Apprentices
11 '''Warm in the sunlight, at dawning of day''' 7:29
      Walther, Mastersingers, People, Sachs, Pogner, Eva
12 'The witness has been duly tried' 2:09
      Sachs, People, Mastersingers, Pogner, Walther
13 'Do not disdain our Masters thus' 8:04
      Sachs, People
 Norman Bailey bass-baritone - Hans Sachs
 Noel Mangin bass - Veit Pogner
 Derek Hammond-Stroud baritone - Sixtus Beckmesser
 Alberto Remedios tenor - Walther von Stolzing
 Gregory Dempsey tenor - David
 Margaret Curphey soprano - Eva
 Ann Robson mezzo-soprano - Magdalene
 Stafford Dean bass - Nightwatchman
 Sadlers Wells Chorus
 Sadlers Wells Opera Orchestra
 Reginald Goodall
 Recorded in:
 Sadler's Wells, Rosebery Avenue Theatre
      10 February 1968
 Ralph Couzens (Executive)
 Format: Digital CD 16Bit 44.1Khz
Originally recorded in: 24 Bit Remaster

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