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CHAN 3162 - Verdi: Don Carlos
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CD available From: 01 December 2009
 Giuseppe Verdi (1813-1901)
Don Carlos 167:29
      Opera in four acts
      Libretto by Joseph Méry and Camille du Locle, after Schiller
      English translation by Andrew Porter
      Act I
      Scene 1: At the tomb of Charles V in the Monastery of San Juste
1 Prelude 2:17
2 'Charles the Fifth, our mighty Lord' 4:01
      Chorus of Friars, Old Monk
3 'And I have lost her!' 4:09
      Don Carlos, Old Monk
4 'There he is! The Prince!' 2:39
5 'But the King has not yet discovered your secret?' 1:19
      Rodrigo, Don Carlos
6 'God who has brought us together' 4:18
      Don Carlos, Rodrigo, Chorus of Friars, Old Monk
      Scene 2: A garden outside the cloister
7 'Where the pine grove is green and shady' 3:17
      Chorus, Thibault, Eboli
8 'In the marble palace of the Moorish King' 4:27
      Eboli, Thibault, Chorus
9 'The Queen!' 1:52
      Chorus, Eboli, Elisabeth, Thibault, Rodrigo
10 'I'm so eager to hear the news you bring' 1:57
      Eboli, Rodrigo, Elisabeth
11 'Carlos my friend, hope of our future' 4:27
      Rodrigo, Eboli, Elisabeth
12 'I come before the Queen and I ask for a favour' 7:57
13 'Here where I stand let the earth crack asunder' 1:46
      Don Carlos, Elisabeth
14 'The King!' 1:17
      Thibault, Philip, Chorus
15 'Don't weep, my dear companion' 4:21
      Elisabeth, Rodrigo, Philip, Chorus
16 'Remain here! I've seen you at my court' 2:18
      Philip, Rodrigo
17 'O King, I come here from Flanders' 3:08
18 'What kind of peace is this you give your subjects?' 6:17
      Rodrigo, Philip
      Act II
      Scene 1: The Queen's garden
1 Prelude 2:28
2 'At midnight in the garden of the Queen…' 2:12
      Don Carlos, Eboli
3 'Alas your youthful mind has no idea' 2:40
      Eboli, Don Carlos, Rodrigo
4 'Now he has scorned the love I gave him' 3:37
5 'Treacherous son, adult'rous lover' 3:31
      Eboli, Rodrigo, Don Carlos
      Scene 2: A square in front of the Vallodolid Cathedral, Auto da Fé
6 'Today is a day of gladness and joy' 6:59
      Chorus of People, Chorus of Monks
7 'Let the sacred doors now be opened' 2:59
      Royal Herald, Chorus of People, Philip
8 'O Heav'n! It's Carlos!' 4:55
      Elisabeth, Rodrigo, Philip, Don Carlos, Flemish Deputies, Chorus of Monks, Thibault
9 'Sire! I have something to ask you!' 1:56
      Don Carlos, Philip, Elisabeth, Rodrigo, Thibault, Monks, Chorus of People
10 'O heav'n!' 2:41
      Elisabeth, Don Carlos, Chorus of People, Philip, Monks, Voice from Heaven, Flemish Deputies
      Act III
      Scene1: The King's study in the Escurial
1 [Introduction] 2:58
2 'She has no love for me!' 2:32
3 'I'll only sleep when I am laid to rest' 4:23
4 'The Grand Inquisitor' 3:22
      Count of Lerma, Grand Inquisitor, Philip
5 'In this land of Spain no heresy has thrived' 5:24
      Grand Inquisitor, Philip
6 'Your highness I ask for justice!' 2:01
      Elisabeth, Philip
7 'You know full well, my hand was plighted' 2:36
      Elisabeth, Philip, Eboli, Rodrigo
8 'Accurst be this hour' 4:11
      Philip, Eboli, Rodrigo, Elisabeth
9 'Forgive! Forgive and pardon a woman who's wronged you' 3:25
      Eboli, Elisabeth
10 'Oh cruel fate. O hated gift' 4:20
      Scene 2: A prison
11 'I'm here my Carlos' 3:15
      Rodrigo, Don Carlos
12 'My last day has dawned forever' 2:32
13 'But why do you speak of death?' 1:39
      Don Carlos, Rodrigo
14 'O Carlos, now listen, your mother awaits you' 1:08
15 'Now I die, die contented' 2:23
16 'My son I return you your sword' 2:58
      Philip, Don Carlos, Chorus, Chorus of People, Count of Lerma, Grandees of Spain, Eboli, Grand Inquisitor
      Act IV
      At the tomb of Charles V
17 [Introduction] 2:43
18 'You, who spurned and renounced all the world' 2:38
19 'France, my noble land, so dear to me in childhood!' 5:16
20 'She's there!' 5:34
      Don Carlos, Elisabeth
21 'We shall meet not in this world' 3:49
      Elisabeth, Don Carlos
22 'Yes, for ever! A double sacrifice is needed!' 1:43
      Philip, Grand Inquisitor, Elisabeth, Don Carlos, Old Monk, Chorus of Monks
 Alastair Miles bass - Philip II
 Julian Gavin tenor - Don Carlos
 William Dazeley baritone - Rodrigo
 John Tomlinson bass - The Grand Inquisitor
 Janice Watson soprano - Elisabeth de Valois
 Jane Dutton mezzo-soprano - Princess of Eboli
 Julia Sporsén soprano - Thibault
 Stephen Briggs tenor - Count of Lerma
 Clive Bayley bass - An old Monk
 Rebecca Ryan soprano - Voice from Heaven
 Campbell Russell tenor - Royal Herald
 Julian Close bass - Flemish Deputy
 Grant Doyle baritone - Flemish Deputy
 Stephen Richardson bass - Flemish Deputy
 Galloway Bell bass - Flemish Deputy
 Stephen Dowson baritone - Flemish Deputy
 Opera North Chorus
 Opera North Orchestra
 Alexander Ingram (Assistant)
 Richard Farnes
 Recorded in:
 Leeds Town Hall
      26-30 May 2009
 Brian Couzens (Executive)
 Brian Pidgeon
 Sound Engineer(s)
 Ralph Couzens
 Jonathan Cooper (Assistant)
 Format: Digital CD 16Bit 44.1Khz
Originally recorded in: 24Bit 96Khz

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