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CHAN 3168 - Strauss, R: Ariadne on Naxos/ Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme
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CD available From: 01 September 2010
 Richard Strauss (1864-1949)
Suite from Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme, Op. 60 35:11
1 1 Overture 4:01
2 2 Minuet 1:37
3 3 The Fencing Master 1:44
4 4 Entry and Dance of the Tailors 5:13
5 5 Lully's Minuet 2:28
6 6 Courante 2:28
7 7 Entry of Cleonte (after Lully) 4:20
8 8 Intermezzo 3:10
9 9 The Dinner 10:08
 Bradley Creswick solo violin
 David Watkin cello
 Catriona Beveridge piano
Ariadne on Naxos 117:43
      Opera in a prologue and one act
      Libretto by Hugo von Hofmannsthal
      English translation by Christopher Cowell
10 Orchestral Introduction 2:23
11 'My good Major-Domo' 3:13
      Music Master, Major-Domo
12 'This dressing room is given to mam'zelle Zerbinetta' 5:41
      Footman, Officer, Composer, Tenor, Wigmaker, Zerbinetta, Prima Donna, Music Master, Dancing Master
13 'I can show them the secrets of the universe' 3:09
      Composer, Music Master
14 'Fellow actors, dearest of friends' 3:08
      Zerbinetta, Composer, Music Master, Prima Donna, Dancing Master
15 'The company's rising from table' 4:36
      Footman, Music Master, Major-Domo, Prima Donna, Dancing Master, Tenor, Zerbinetta, Composer
16 'I'm staggered – how unexpected!' 4:22
      Music Master, Composer, Dancing Master, Tenor, Prima Donna, Zerbinetta
17 'She takes him for the God of Death' 4:29
      Composer, Zerbinetta
18 'A moment means nothing' 4:06
      Zerbinetta, Composer
19 'The stage awaits you' 4:36
      Music Master, Prima Donna, Composer
      The Opera
1 Overture 3:37
2 'Sleeping?' 3:50
      Naiad, Dryad, Echo
3 'Ah!' 2:51
      Ariadne, Echo, Harlequin, Zerbinetta, Truffaldino
4 'A golden time was Theseus-Ariadne' 6:42
      Ariadne, Naiad, Dryad, Echo, Harlequin, Zerbinetta, Scaramuccio, Truffaldino
5 'Loving, hating, hoping, fearing' 2:05
      Harlequin, Echo, Zerbinetta
6 'There is a land, a world untainted' 5:43
7 'The lady, we are sad to see' 4:38
      Brighella, Scaramuccio, Harlequin, Truffaldino, Zerbinetta
8 'Your gracious Royal Highness' 3:17
9 'The moment I think I'm true to one lover' 6:56
10 'Quite a sermon, but a waste of effort' 1:27
      Harlequin, Zerbinetta, Brighella, Scaramuccio, Truffaldino
11 'To console a stubborn woman' 6:17
      Brighella, Scaramuccio, Harlequin, Truffaldino, Zerbinetta
12 'A shining marvel, a youthful God!' 4:22
      Dryad, Naiad, Echo
13 'Circe, Circe can you still hear me?' 4:57
      Bacchus, Ariadne, Naiad, Dryad, Echo
14 'Theseus!' 4:27
      Ariadne, Bacchus
15 'Me? Can you be sure?' 9:10
      Bacchus, Ariadne
16 'Shall we not pass over?' 7:22
      Ariadne, Bacchus, Naiad, Dryad, Echo, Zerbinetta
 Stephen Fry spoken - Major-Domo
 Christine Brewer soprano - The Prima Donna (later Ariadne)
 Robert Dean Smith tenor - The Tenor (later Bacchus)
 Alice Coote mezzo-soprano - Composer
 Alan Opie baritone - Music Master
 Paul Keohone bass - A Wigmaker
 Dean Robinson bass - A Footman
 Declan McCusker tenor - An Officer
 Gillian Keith soprano - Zerbinetta
 Roderick Williams baritone - Harlequin
 John Graham-Hall tenor - Scaramuccio
 Matthew Rose bass - Truffaldino
 Wynne Evans tenor - Brighella
 Christine Brewer soprano - Ariadne
 Robert Dean Smith tenor - Bacchus
 Anita Watson soprano - Naiad
 Pamela Helen Stephen mezzo-soprano - Dryad
 Gail Pearson soprano - Echo
 John Graham-Hall tenor - Dancing Master
 Scottish Chamber Orchestra
      Bradley Creswick guest leader
      Catriona Beveridge piano
      Gareth Hancock assistant conductor
 Richard Armstrong
 Recorded in:
 Usher Hall, Lothian Road, Edinburgh EH1 2EA
 Recorded in:
 Trident Audio Post, 17 St Anne's Court, London W1F 0BQ
 Brian Couzens (Executive)
 Brian Pidgeon
 Sound Engineer(s)
 Ralph Couzens (17-21 January 2010)
 Jonathan Cooper (23-25 and 27-28 January 2010)
 Stephen O'Toole (13 May 2010)
 Jonathan Cooper (Assistant: 17-21 January 2010)
 Peter Newble (Assistant: 23-25 and 27-28 January 2010)
 Format: Digital CD 16Bit 44.1Khz
Originally recorded in: 24Bit 96Khz

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