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How to join & download MP3 tracks

As anyone who has tried to burn an audio CD from MP3s will know, there is a problem when you have a single piece of music that should play continuously but has been split into separate tracks. Quite often CD burning software and even MP3 players put in a gap between tracks. For classical music this is of particular annoyance and can ruin the enjoyment of listening. It can be especially noticeable in through-composed works such as an opera in which tracks are introduced to allow easy access to key parts of the drama.

Here at Chandos we strive for audio excellence, so we have devised a method that gives you complete control over how your chosen MP3 download should be ‘tracked’. If for example a CD has a piece of repertoire which is split into three tracks, rather than downloading the individual tracks you can now ‘join’ the three into a single downloadable file. This track, when burnt to a CD or onto a MP3 player, would play continuously without pause. This process can be repeated for any number of pieces of repertoire in your order history page.

To join tracks together, complete the purchasing process in the normal way, and once the transaction has been verified, the usual screen with your tracks available for download will appear. Tracks which can be joined have a red tick box. Simply select the ones you wish to join and click the ‘Join All Checked Files’ button at the bottom of the page to begin the process. A screen will appear, asking for your patience, which is followed by a download link. If you have joined the files you can stream them straight away by left clicking, or if you wish to save them to a location on your computer, right click the link to begin the download. Zip and download any other files that you do not wish to join.

If you join tracks together by mistake, you can download them again as separate tracks. If tracks are mistakenly joined together, this will not normally result in the elision of two pieces of music as, usually, there is silence – ambience – at the end of a track which will still ensure a short break before the next track begins.

Join and Zip

Join and Zip are not the same. If you zip tracks, it enables a continuous download so that you can leave your computer after the download process has begun and all tracks will be downloaded in one action. You cannot ‘zip’ ‘joined’ tracks. Joined tracks will download as one, so the downloading process remains as simple as downloading zipped files. Joining removes the gap in continuous music, zipping is purely a part of the download function.

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