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The Planets and the Solar System (Unabridged)

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XA 0156
The Planets and the Solar System (Unabridged)
Label Catalogue Number:
ISBN: 9781843797869
Download Size: 140 Mb
Running Time: 02:38:53
UPC Code: 9781843797869

Release Date: January 2014
Originally recorded in 2014
Jen Green
Nicolas Soames
Ruth Sillers
Spoken Word
Junior Classics

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The Planets and the Solar System (Unabridged)
Jen Green
Read by Ruth Sillers
Living busily on Planet Earth, we rarely remember that we inhabit only a minuscule part of the universe. In The Planets and The Solar System, Jen Green paints the wider picture, and takes us on a journey across billions of kilometres in our galaxy, from our Sun to near and distant planets. Some, like Mercury, have a molten core surrounded with crust and spin quickly; Jupiter, on the other hand, is a big ball of gas. For 2,500 years, mathematicians and scientists, from Pythagoras to Hubble, have investigated our universe and found that the dimensions, the temperatures and the speeds (light years!) are unbelievably extreme. A fascinating introduction for younger listeners.

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