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Jinananda: Middle Way (The) - The Story of Buddhism (Unabridged)

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XC 3146
Jinananda: Middle Way (The) - The Story of Buddhism (Unabridged)
Label Catalogue Number:
ISBN: 9789629547455
Download Size: 219 Mb
Running Time: 03:55:48
UPC Code: 9789629547455

Release Date: October 1997
Originally recorded in 1997
Nicolas Soames
David Timson
Anton Lesser
Heathcote Williams
Spoken Word

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Jinananda: Middle Way (The) - The Story of Buddhism (Unabridged)
Read by Heathcote Williams
General interest in Buddhism has never been higher. The story and teachings of a man who lived 2,500 years ago have a special resonance for us today, perhaps because he taught a way of life that was not based on belief in a creator god but rather on personal experience. 'Test my words for yourself,' he said. But what lies behind those distinctive images of the Buddha, seated with unshakeable poise, with eyes half-closed and a slight smile? How did Buddhism develop, from the austere style which governed the life of the yellow-robed monks in ancient India to the more colourful, even magical expression of Tibet? And where does Zen fit in? In The Middle Way, Jinananda, a Western-born Buddhist, divides the subject into The Three Jewels - The Buddha (a life of the historical figure), The Dharma (an account of the fundamental teachings) and The Sangha (the disciples, both lay and monastic throughout the world). With extracts from some of main sutras, Jinananda explains the key concepts that lie behind a system of thought and behaviour which, like the universe itself, is continuously expanding.

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