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Gogol, N.: Dead Souls (Abridged)

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XC 4284
Gogol, N.: Dead Souls (Abridged)
Label Catalogue Number:
ISBN: 9789629545345
Download Size: 262 Mb
Running Time: 05:01:11
Digital UPC: 9789629545345

Release Date: June 2003
Originally recorded in 2003
Nikolai Gogol
G. Griffin
Spoken Word

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Gogol, N.: Dead Souls (Abridged)
Nikolai Gogol
Read by G. Griffin
Gogol's great Russian classic is the Pickwick Papers of Russian Literature. It takes a sharp but humorous look at life in all its strata, but especially the devious complexities in the country with its landowners and serfs. We are introduced to Chichikov, a businessman who, in order to trick the tax authorities, buys up dead 'souls' or serfs whose names still appear on the government census. Despite being a dealer in phantom crimes and paper ghosts, he is the most beguiling of Gogol's characters. Gogol's obsession with attempting to display 'the untold riches of the Russian soul' eventually led him to madness, religious mania and death. Dismissed by him as merely 'a pale introduction to the great epic poem which is taking shape in my mind', Dead Souls is the culmination of Gogol's genius.

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