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In 1989 Chandos launched its early music label - Chaconne - which set out to present a cross section of early-music repertoire from Medieval to Classical, peformed on original or period instruments.
The recordings, which now number well over 100 titles, are of a consistently high standard in both performance and sound recording.
In terms of artistic direction, the Chaconne label has been able to offer mainstream composers such as J.S. Bach, Handel and Vivaldi as well as less-familiar composers including Leclair, Albinoni and Telemann. Chaconne recordings have a very international appeal above and beyond the many early-music enthusiasts here in the UK.

CHAN 0804
Tomkins: Sacred Choral Works

                    Critic’s Choice 2014

"Wat better music for these sad, distracted times than the work of the first great Welsh composer, Thomas Tomkins  ... sunf by the finest of the college choirs, conducted by Andrew Nethsingha ..."

David Threasher - Gramophone magazine - December 2014

CHAN 0803
Bach: Six Trio Sonatas

 "... The ensemble performs with a nuanced sensitivity that immediately reveals the appeal of the music. The playing is energetic and purposeful, and the warm acoustic of the recording is lovely. Stone did a wonderful job with the orchestrations, which fantastically show off the diversity of the ensemble. A noticeable standout is the fourth sonata, scored here for the less common combination of lute and harpsichord, and the multitude of textures that shine forth in Sonata V are delightful.Highly recommended.”

Karen Cook - Early Music America - Winter 2014

CHAN 0802
J.S. Bach: Works for Harpsichord

“…Chandos’s pristine recording makes Devine’s playing a pleasure to listen to and one of the best Bach harpsichord discs I’ve heard. This is strongly recommended.”

Jerry Dubins – Fanfare – November/December 2014

CHAN 0801
Mancini: Solos for a Flute

“…this disc immediately takes pride of place among the few releases devoted to Mancini’s recorder sonatas; enthusiastically recommended.”

James A Altena – Fanfare – September/October 2014 


CHAN 0800
Hummel/Schubert: Piano Quintets

 “…This is a sunny, wonderfully planned, recorded and executed disc. Unhesitatingly recommended.”

Colin Clarke – International Piano magazine – March/April 2014

CHAN 0797
Handel: Serse

“…The singers balance each other well as an ensemble. A particular highlight is Anna Stéphany’s ‘Crude furie’, sung with virtuosity and rage. Andreas Wolf’s Elviro is very colourful, and his flower-selling squawk in ‘Ah chi voler fiora di bella giardina’ provides a welcome humerous interjection. Each character is coloured very individually … The orchestra, seen as a separate entity, is pleasingly tight and precise…”

Frauke Jurgensen – The Consort ( The Journal of the Dolmetsch Foundation – Vol 70) Summer 2014

CHAN 0796
Bach: Transcriptions of Concertos by Vivaldi

 "... I find her [Yates] interpretations both interesting and sensitive, and her playing is, to my ears, faultless. In short, this is a recording that is excellent  ... Highly recommended."

Bertil van Boer - Fanfare - November/December 2013

CHAN 0792
Albinoni: Concerti a cinque, Opp. 7 and 9

"...The sound is spectacular, and performances as good as you are going to hear by artists long established in the genre, and I can’t think of a better way to spend three hours—and they go by quickly!"     *****

Steven Ritter - Audiophile Audition.com - 14 January 2014

CHAN 0795
Purcell: The Unknown Purcell: Sonatas by Daniel Purcell

“... this well-played recording is a find for those interested in 17th century music.”

Michael Ullman – Fanfare – July/August 2013

CHAN 0790
St John's College Choir / Nethsinger - My Beloved Spake: Anthems by Purcell and Humfrey

 "... Andrew Nethsingha proves a sensitive director in this all-male collection of mainly shorter anthems ..." ****

Patric Standford - Choir & Organ magazine - January/February 2013

CHAN 0791
Fasch: Orchestral Works, Volume 3

"...The playing on this recording is very professional. The articulation is crisp; and the overall momentum, particularly in the overtures, is brisk and engaging- just the right thing for this repertory. Gwyn Roberts’s recorder playing in the concerto is very sensitive, especially in the Largo, and magnificently virtuosic in the fast movements. Stone’s lute playing is very fine. The ndante of the lute concerto is particularly expressive..."
Peter Loewen - American Record Guide - January/February 2013

CHAN 0789
Byrd: The Great Service in the Chapel Royal

 "...Performances are all first- rate. A welcome new look at an old master."

Tony Way - Limelight magazine - 11 April 2013

CHAN 0788
Handel: Alceste

                            Opera Award Winner

BBC Music magazine Awards 2013

CHAN 0787
Telemann: Overtures Suites/Concerto/Fanfare/Divertimento

"...As the works on this disc belong to the lesser-known parts of Telemann’s oeuvre and his music never fails to entertain, lovers of his music should surely consider this disc."
Johan van Veen - MusicWeb-International.com - 5 December 2012

CHAN 0786
Mozart: 'Coronation Mass'/Ave Verum Corpus/Exsultate, Jubilate

“...The performances are all agreeably light in texture and crisp in rhythm ... The choral work is very good ...”

Paul L Althouse – American Record Guide – July/August 2012

CHAN 0784
Buxtehude: VII Suonate, Op.2

“... There is some very fine chamber music playing in this recording, but the really beautiful moments for me are those in which each of the instruments is heard solo, such as in the rigorous chords in the violin part of Sonata 3 (reminiscent of Biber) and the long recitative sections of Sonata 5; these solo sections are all highlighted with great subtlety by the ensemble.”

Ibrahim Aziz – The Consort – June 2013

CHAN 0785
Mozart: Duo Sonatas, Volume 5
CHAN 0783
Fasch: Orchestral Works, Volume 2

“... These fresh, sprightly performances by the Philadelphia-based Tempesta di Mare cause one to wonder why Johann Friedrich Fasch has been so consistently overlooked. The clear sound of the recording achieves an effect that is both spacious and intimate. The booklet states that these were live performances, but there is no a sound from the evidently attentive audience, nor indeed any applause (of which there is likely to have been plenty). On the evidence of this disc and its predecessor (CHAN 0751), Fasch is clearly a major figure.”

Michael Wheeler – The Consort – Summer 2012

CHAN 0782
The Gonzaga Band - Chamber Vespers: Miniature Masterpieces of the Italian Baroque

“...Not only is this music lovely, but the performers are adept at drawing out its affects, shaping pieces with exciting ornaments and varied dynamics. The cornets (Jamie Savan and Gawain Glenton) blend well with the voices, as is traditional, and we also get to hear them on their own as soloists. Clare Wilkinson sounds wonderful in the early-baroque repertory-her voice is very supple and so the ornaments come out easily. I have heard her perform Renaissance frottolas and laudas with Robert Meunier (lute) on a release title Vergine Bella (CHAN 0683) ... her effort her is just as fine.”

Loewen – American Record Guide – March/April 2012

CHAN 0781
Mozart: Duo Sonatas, Volume 4


Stefano Pagliantini – Musica – February 2012

CHAN 0780
Bach: 'Goldberg' Variations, BWV 988

"Performed on a double-manual instrument by Colin Booth (after a single-manual by Fleischer, 1710), the performer’s craft and flair affords the ‘Goldberg’s a sense of lyricism that is rarely heard. Most renowned for being the harpsichordist of the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment, Steven Devine’s weave of the contrapuntal lines accounts for some of this recording’s charm; in addition to his crisp ornamentation and variety of touch, this makes for truly addictive listening. The general pulse changes very little from movement to movement, but born out of this is a sense of organic progression that elegantly unifies the thirty variations and polar arias. It truly is a significant feat to have made such a unique recording given that this work has been so widely recorded. Coupled with precise sleeve notes, this is the scholars’ choice."

Musica Antiqua - Janauary 2012

CHAN 0779
Musica Contexta / English Cornett & Sackbut Ens. - Le Divin Arcadelt: Candlemas in Renaissance Rome

 "Under the baton of Simon Ravens, vocal group Musica Contexta and the accompanying English Cornett and Sackbut Ensemble achieve a tone of profound beauty and warmth. Plainsong-influenced, sacred vocal music of the renaissance is presented with majesty... Much to their credit, Musica Contexta’s voices are superbly matched. Not only this, but they sing each line dynamically and with direction: truly bringing this music to life. These are collegiate-style voices of such splendor, such class."

Musica Antiqua  - April 2013

CHAN 0778
Sacred Music by Orlande de Lassus

"...strongly recommended."

Barry Brenesal - Fanfare - September/October 2011

CHAN 0777
Balbastre: Pieces de Clavecin (1759)

“…She [Yates] plays stylishly, with an excellent sense of vocal phrasing. The sound of the peau de buffle (leather-quilled) register in ‘La Genty’ is magical. Balbastre graces ‘La Malesherbe’ with a Rameau-like harmonic poetry in the midst of a mostly gallant landscape. At the end of that piece, in the tambourin-contradance section, Yates introduces a finely calibrated acceleration to marvelous effect. There is no fussiness here. Connoisseurs of French Baroque music will appreciate this fine release.”

Katz – American Record Guide – July/August 2011

CHAN 0776
The Parley of Instruments / Peter Holman - Musical London c. 1700: from Purcell to Handel

“… The performances are expert but comfortably paced, with lovely singing from the crystal-voiced soprano Hyde, plus four members … of Holman’s group, all in beautiful sound…”

Barker – American Record Guide – July/August 2011

CHAN 0775
Buxtehude: Membra Jesu nostri/ Laudate, pueri, Dominum

“…Sopranos Emma Kirkby and Elin Manahan Thomas are excellent throughout…Harvey is a solid, dignified presence elsewhere as well, while tenor Charles Daniels and countertenor Michael Chance are at their eloquent best…”
“Both The Purcell Quartet and Fretwork relish the variegated sonorities afforded by Buxtehude’s score, as well as the word painting, while blending with the voices to effect a homogenous yet multi-timbred sound of great beauty.”

Robert Levett

International Record Review - November 2010

CHAN 0773
Handel: Flavio, Re de' Longobardi

“…The playing is assured and stylish, the varied scoring of the orchestra parts providing one of the principal delights. The Singers, with Rosemary Joshua so refreshingly in the lead, unostentatiously prove themselves to be well up to the demands of music written in 1723 for some of the greatest singers of the day. The recording is clear and natural in balance and tone quality. There is not much left to ask for.”

John Steane - Classical Recordings Quarterly – Winter 2010                                             

CHAN 0772
Mozart: Duo Sonatas, Volume 3

“This third volume in Duo Amades Mozart keyboard/violin sonata series maintains the standards of its predecessors in terms of carefulness, control, substantial accuracy, period sensibility and style…”


Early Music Today - December 2010

CHAN 0771
Haydn: Piano Trios

“Here then are discerning accounts which ably show how fine and still underrated a composer Haydn is. Close to the sound he’d have expected, they are presented sympathetically without showmanship yet with sensitive and judiciously varied ornamentation in repeats.”

Michael Greenhalgh - Musicweb-international – March 2011

CHAN 0770
Philips: Cantiones Sacrae

“…Richard Marlow and his mixed-voice choir are excellent.”

Richard Lawrence

Gramophone - October 2010

CHAN 0769
Albinoni: Selecton from 'Concerti a cinque', Op. 10

CHAN 0768
Scarlatti - Cantatas & Chamber Music

“…These works are very well done by these musicians; Clara Rottsolk sings with clarity and expression” “…very good sound.”


American Record Guide - September/October 2010

CHAN 0767
Handel: Duets

“…Joshua and Connolly make a nicely complementary pair of Handelians. They phrase with purpose and direction, mirroring each other in the give-and-take of the contrapuntal passages, maintaining flowing lines even in the quieter, more spacious numbers.”

Stephen Francis Vasta

Opera News (USA) - July 2010

CHAN 0766
Buxtehude: VII Suonate, Op. 1

"...these sonatas are inventive and full of life, and the later ones seem to get steadily more attractive. They are played by the Purcell group with pleasing vitality and freshness, and the Chandos recording is natural and warmly flattering."

The Pengiun Guide – 1000 Greatest Classical Recordings 2011-12

CHAN 0765
Hummel: Sonatas/ La contemplazione

“…This is a fine addition to the recorded discography of Hummel’s music. I would especially recommend it for period-instrument enthusiasts…”

Scott Noriega

Fanfare - March/April 2010

CHAN 0764
Mozart: Duo Sonatas, Volume 2

“…Their [Duo Amade] playing throughout this volume is technically brilliant, filled with moments of musical beauty, and saturated with striking nuance of texture and tone colour. Chaccone’s recorded sound is clean and rich while free of unneeded reverb or other technical tampering. As with Volume One, this instalment is deserving of a place of respect in any ollection."

Mike D Brownell

AllMusic.com - February 2010

CHAN 0762
Bach J.C.: Six Sonatas, Op. 5

“…These early sonatas may not be music you will listen to often, but Yates does them justice, and makes them well worth hearing. Recommended.”

Jerry Dubins


Fanfare - March/April 2010

CHAN 0763
Nordic Voices - Victoria/ Gesualdo/Palestrina/White: Lamentations

“…They [Nordic Voices] display a remarkably tight blend and ensemble. These six singers are evidently so accustomed to singing together that their combination is like a single highly disciplined instrument. Within the narrow band of the present repertory, they are warmly expressive in their singing-in contrast to choirs that seem to cultivate a dispassionate style. Perhaps the most moving performance here is Gesualdo’s ‘Tenebrae Factae Sunt’, which concludes the program. They display extraordinary control in the quiet, sustained writing of this piece. It leaves the listener breathless.”

William J Gatens

American Record Guide - March/April 2010

CHAN 0761
The Gonzaga Band - Sacred Garland: Devotional Chamber Music from the Age of Monteverdi

“A hugely enjoyable disc from an excellent young ensemble. I look forward to much more.”

Stephen Cassidy

Early Music Review - November 2009

CHAN 0760
Monteverdi: Sweet Torment: Monteverdi Series, Volume 3

“The performance is highly polished and well worth having”


American Record Guide - November/December 2009

CHAN 0759
Eccles: The Judgment of Paris/ Three Mad Songs

"This new release from Curnyn is the first complete recording of Eccles opera and has been cast with fine soloists. The first of these is Roderick Williams(Mercury) who, after the stylishly played symphony, opens  with his commanding baritone and explains the task that is to be set before Paris. Benjamin Hulett (Paris) is delightful as the young naive shepherd... His light tone is backed up with a wonderful presence that really draws the listener in. Susab Bickley is arrestingly brilliant in the role (Juno) and her aria’let Ambition fire thy mind’ is one of the most exciting due to a combination of her singing and the tight orchestral playing. Claire Booth’s ’Hark hark’ aria with four trumpets all sounding together for the first time is dazzling and vital. Lucy Crowe, accompanied by her soft flute, is feminine and beguiling - no wonder she wins the Golden Apple.

Particular mention should be made of the quality of the recording itself. Curnyn’s orchestra is sprightly and all of their meticulous detail is captured without any suspicion of over-mixing or excessive editing. The result is a very stylish performance that deserves wide recognition."

- Ed Breen


CHAN 0757
Purcell: Dido and Aeneas

“The care and love that has gone into this recording shines out from the very first notes.” “… All the cast, made of some of the finest British early music talent of our time, deliver the text brilliantly – not a word misses its mark, This is a definitive Dido and Aeneas, deserving of the highest praise.”

Ashutosh Khandekar

Early Music Today - August/September 2009

CHAN 0755
Mozart: Duo Sonatas, Volume 1

"Duo Amade embarks on its Mozart project with sytlish, technically proficient and immensely enjoyable accounts of three sonatas and two variation sets... Both variation sets (K359 and K360) are deftly characterises and the recorded sound is more faithful than many period instrument recordings."

Robin Stowell


Early Music Today - August/September 2009

CHAN 0752
Bach: Early Cantatas, Volume 3

In the glorious fugal conclusion, the single voices again seem the correct approach: the interweaving of voices and instruments (including an unusually perky oboe) is utterly beguiling. In this version the tenor does the bulk of the solo singing and Dani
International Record Review

CHAN 0751
Fasch: Orchestral Music, Volume 1

Richard Stone and Tempesta di Mare are at the cutting edge of the re-discovery of Fasch’s output – this excellent and thoroughly enjoyable recording is based largely on their second concert of repertoire from Dresden… Tempesta di Mare really bring the glorious sound of Heinichen and Pisendel’s famous orchestra (which Fasch knew first hand) to life.
Early Music Review

CHAN 0750
Schubert: Mass in E flat major, D950

"... the powerful new Hickox recording of this late Schubert masterpiece, clean as a whistle, superbly recorded, and with an excellent note by the scholar Brian Newbould, is now the one to have."

International Record Review

CHAN 0749
Monteverdi: Monteverdi Series: 2

"The singing and playing are wonderfully sensitive and acute. It’s classy, provocative stuff"

The Guardian

CHAN 0748
Biber: Mensa sonora, seu Musica instrumentalis/ Sonata in A

The excellent Purcell Quartet weight their performances just right: light and, when the notes suit, pensively beautiful. The menu is varied with a meaty violin sonata. I can’t think of a better new CD for banishing the winter blues
The Times

CHAN 0745
Handel: Semele

With Rosemary Joshua’s enchantingly ditzy heroine, Richard Croft’s romantic Jupiter and Hilary Summers as Ino/Juno, this is the most complete and idiomatically sung account on disc of Handel’s closet English Opera
Sunday Times ‘Disc of the Year 2007’

CHAN 0743
Handel: Nine German Arias/ Trio Sonatas

This seriously addictive disc should make New Yorkers envy Philadelphia for its sparkling early-music orchestra, Tempesta di Mare. Here, the group’s five expert core players – who handle archlute, cello, flute, harpsichord, recorder, theorbo and violin – pay handsome tribute to Handel. Soprano Julianne Baird joins them for the Nine German Arias, largely lyrical reworkings of biblical passages by the poet Barthold Heinrich Brockes… Highly recommended for lazy Sunday mornings.
New York Time Out

CHAN 0742
Bach: Weimar Cantatas

…a performance of great musical versatility.
Gramophone on CHAN 0715

CHAN 0732
Palestrina: Offertoria

I am especially impressed with the choir’s ability to adapt its delivery to the specific style of the music performed… Marlow has clearly taken great pains to project the expressive content of the motets with a careful shaping of dynamic gestures and articulation though there are no indications for these aspects of performance in the original sources. Sometimes the lines are delivered with great smoothness, and sometimes there is an energetic marking of the rhythms… Marlow never allows Palestrina to become perfunctory or bland, and this is a noteworthy achievement in a programme of 25 motets that were never intended to be heard at one setting.
American Record Guide

CHAN 0734
Haydn: The Complete Mass Edition

A disc guaranteed to refresh the spirit
Gramophone Magazine on Theresienmesse

CHAN 0730
Monteverdi: Monteverdi Series: 1

On the Monteverdi performances:
…some of the most exquisitely intense vocal music ever written…
The Times

CHAN 0729
Couperin: Les Nations, Volume 2

CHAN 0728
Stradella: Amanti olà, olà/ Chi restiste al Dio bendata

Conductor Estevan Velardi elicits superb dramatic playing from his orchestra.
Opera News

CHAN 0722
Arne: Overtures

"...Very stylish and alert playing from Simon Standage and Collegium Musicum 90, and the sound is vivid and full. An unexpectedly distinctive and enjoyable collection, easy to live with."

The Penguin Guide - 1000 Greatest Classical Recordings 2011-12

CHAN 0727
Gossec: Le Triomphe de la République ou Le Camp de Grand Pre

Score is gloriously proletarian, subverting the aristocratic conventions of 18th-century French Opera by substituting revolutionary songs for arias and choruses. Some may fine its overtly bellicose mood objectionable. At the same time it’s hard not to be swept away by its rabble-rousing intensity, particularly given that the performance, with Diego Fasolis conducting I Barocchisti and a first-rate cast, is so convincing.
The Guardian

CHAN 0726
Leclair: Violin Sonatas, Nos 1, 3, 5 & 8

Standage of course imparts ‘period’ insights, balancing the Sonata’s frisky second movement with an eloquently-turned Sarabande topped off by a Tambourin that is simultaneously rustic yet rocket-propelled.
BBC Music Magazine

CHAN 0724
Hummel: Mass/ Salve Regina

Unjustly neglected works enjoy superb advocacy under Richard Hickox’s baton…
Gramophone ‘Record of the Month’, Gramophone Awards 2003 ‘best choral recording’ on CHAN 0681

CHAN 0723
Buxtehude: Sacred Cantatas, Vol. 2

…a performance of great musical versatility…
Gramophone on CHAN 0715 (Bach)

CHAN 0718
Couperin: Pièces de clavecin

The rich sound of the instrument is well captured and Sophie Yates’s well-judged tempos and apt registrations do full justice to the often nostalgic music. She also writes her own essay in which she does not shy away from expressing personal views, though she is careful to place A-LC’s music in the fullest context for the listener. This is a rewarding issue.
Early Music Review

CHAN 0719
Handel: Partenope

The cast has no weak links, and Curnyn directs a performance devoid of the mannerisms and quirks of some Handelians
The Sunday Times

CHAN 0715
Bach: Early Cantatas, Volume 1

…exquisite… the four singers are such brilliant virtuosi that the counterpoint emerges with unrivalled clarity. These are spirited performances, in splendidly lifelike recorded sound.
The Sunday Times on CHAN 0653 (Bach Lutheran Masses, Vol. 2)

CHAN 0716
Torelli: Concertos

"... the period performances here are first class. The rather more conventional Trumpet Concertos are also in confident hands, and the accompaniments throughout are characteristically stylish and the Chandos recording first rate."

The Penguin Guide - 1000 Greatest Classical Recordings 2011-12

CHAN 0712
Hummel: Mass in E flat/ Te Deum/Quod in orbe

…this one is one of the best period-instruments performances I have heard. The brass are especially glorious, and the other sections are smoothly played and contribute to the celebratory nature of the performance. The soloists are all very good. The Collegium 90 choral ensemble is very well trained by Richard Hickox. Chandos offers good notes and a superbly balanced recording that is not too distant but has a pleasant airiness. In short this of one of my favourite recordings of the year.
American Record Guide

CHAN 0711
Hasse: Sonatas

'The playing is characterful throughout and puts as strong a case as one can make without needless hyperbole.'

CHAN 0709
Ensemble Dreiklang Berlin - Music at the Court of Henry VIII

'I did not expect to enjoy this disc so much. However, I have found myself returning to it again and again.'
International Record Review

CHAN 0707
Weiss: Lute Concerti

'Stone's playing is agile and confident, his sound round and full. These characteristics are essential to project the instrument's small voice in a concerto. The players of Tempesta di Mare supply a lovely, understated accompaniment that is historically informed but without any ornamental gimmickry.'
American Record Review

CHAN 0702
Galuppi: Concerto in D major/ Gloria/Concerto in G minor/Credo

The Mass for Christmas 1766, with its colourful harmonies and beguiling melodies, receives its premiere recording on this persuasive disc.
Classic FM Magazine

CHAN 0703
Beethoven: Mass in C major/ Elegischer Gesang/Meeresstille un Glückliche Fahrt

Disc of the Month

Performance *****      Sound *****


Richard Wigmore - BBC Music Magazine - February 2004

CHAN 0700
Telemann: Ouverture in G/ Burlesque de Quixotte/Ouverture in B minor/Concerto in D

…performances are clean, neatly characterized and brightly recorded…
Gramophone ‘Editor’s Choice’ on CHAN 0593 (Music of the Nations)

CHAN 0698
Schumann: Piano Quintet, Op. 44/ Piano Quartet, Op. 47

The new Chandos is also performed on period instruments… The playing of this Italian quartet, begun in 1986, is polished and very good. The recording is full and well-balanced, and the notes are good.
American Record Guide

CHAN 0697
Gabrieli: The Madrigal in Venice: Politics, Dialogues and Pastorales

The singing and playing are thoroughly enjoyable. The program is a sampling of all the types of secular texts that the composer set, though the notes point to the connection of one or more to the 1572 celebration of the great victory at Lepanto over the Turks. The notes are excellent' Highly recommended

CHAN 0687
Vivaldi: String Concertos, Vol. 3
CHAN 0691
Buxtehude: Sacred Cantatas

''I can think of no performance that has served them more affectionately and with such sensibility to Buxtehude's warmly communicative harmonies.'
BBC Music Magazine

CHAN 0681
Hummel: Mass in D major/ Mass in B flat major/Alma virgo

Gramophone Awards 2003 best choral recording recording

CHAN 0680
Tomkins: Songs of 3, 4, 5 & 6 parts (London, 1622)

''of the 26 madrigals and anthems here, 16 are not otherwise available on disc - reason alone to welcome this delightful recording.'
BBC Music Magazine

CHAN 0688
Handel: Harpsichord Works, Vol. 3

'It is no mean feat that Yate's delightful performance of these suites provides a rewarding listening experience without a dull moment despite a total duration of over 70 minutes.'
BBC Music Magazine

CHAN 0689
Vivaldi: L'Estro Armonico
CHAN 0686
QuintEssential Sackbut & Cornett Ens. - Elizabethan Music - Elisa is the fayrest Quene
CHAN 0674
Haydn: Grosse Orgelmesse · Missa Cellensis

'This concluding issue follows a similar pattern to earlier discs in this prize-winning series, offering exhilarating performances which wear their period style lightly.'

CHAN 0685
Handel: The Oratorio for Concerts

'The allegros brim with energy, the adagios impress with their introspection, and the minuets dance gracefully into the ear.'

CHAN 0679
Palestrina: Music for Holy Saturday

'The technical standard could hardly be better' these are exceptionally fine perfomances.'
American Record Guide

CHAN 0682
I Fagiolini / Hollingworth - The Triumphs of Oriana

'…this is a marvellously entertaining disc, cleverly kept together by some interpolated lute pieces, nicely played.'
BBC Music Magazine on CHAN 0665 (Croce)

CHAN 0678
Deisus - Russian Medieval Chant
CHAN 0668
Vivaldi: String Concertos, Vol. 2

'Collegium Musicum 90's stylish performances, distinguished by characterful phrasing and nimble rhythmic vivacity, add the final sheen to this captivating disc.'
BBC Music Magazine ('Pick of the Month', March 2000)

CHAN 0670
The Purcell Quartet - Capriccio Stravagante, Vol. 2

'The playing is infectiously uninhibited and technically immaculate - a programme of unqualified pleasure.'
BBC Music Magazine

CHAN 0669
Handel: Harpsichord Works, Vol. 2

‘Sophie Yates confirms her credentials as one of Britain’s most talented harpsichordists …Yates has a neat, agile technique, phrases thoughtfully, with a restrained but telling use of rubato and ornamentation, and brings plenty of zest to the gigues and courantes. A disc to whet the appetite for further volumes in the series.’
The Daily Telegraph on CHAN 0644 (Handel Harpsichord Works Vol. 1)

CHAN 0676
Galuppi: The World Turned Topsy-Turvy

…for opera buffa lovers this recording with virtuosic chorus and orchestra, superb soundstaging and vibrant acoustic should not be missed.
Early Music Review

CHAN 0667
Haydn: Missa Cellensis

‘This is another excellent CD in the Haydn Mass Edition from Chandos. These are performances of enormous vitality and vigorous clarity… In a word, it is outstanding.’
Early Music Review on CHAN 0633 (Paukenmesse etc.)

CHAN 0666
Arne: Complete Trio Sonatas

‘Simon Standage demonstrates period-instrument playing at its very best: not only intimate, incisive, and sometimes abrasively invigorating, but also with transparent purity.’
BBC Music Magazine on CHAN 0541 (Music from the Court of Frederic the Great)

CHAN 0665
Croce: The Comic Faces of Giovanni Croce

'One of the most exciting mixed vocal ensembles around at the moment rejoices in the name I Fagiolini - 'the little beans'. They are an irrepressible force in the Early Music world bringing bags of style, energy and dramatic excitement to everything they touch.'
International Record Review

CHAN 0662
Haydn: London Symphonies, Vol. 2

‘…a stunning recording… the playing is excellent, and the control of the dynamics very well done, and the pacing first-rate… Very highly recommended.’
Early Music Review on CHAN 0655 (Volume One)

CHAN 0663
Albinoni: 12 Concerti a Cinque, Op. 5

‘Collegium Musicum 90’s playing is splendid, energetic yet expansive… Crisply articulated with almost impeccable ensemble from 15 strings and continuo, finely recorded…’
BBC Music Magazine

CHAN 0659
Rameau: Pièces de Clavecin, Vol. 1

Yatess sensitivity to the subtleties and nuances of this music goes hand in hand with a wonderful technical facility… she seems to have a natural feel for French music and the rich, almost orchestral colours of Rameaus writing.
Early Music Today

CHAN 0661
Telemann: Ouverture Comique

‘Collegium Musicum 90’s authoritative accounts penetrate the spirit of Boyce’s music. These artists play with taste and finesse… Their blend and intonation are impeccable… and they dispatch the abundant fugues with an intelligence and panache that is inspiriting…’
‘The Strad’ on CHAN 0648(2) (Boyce)

CHAN 0654
Bach: Trio Sonatas

‘The performances are highly persuasive: articulation is vivid, balance exemplary, contrasting sections are well judged and there’s an overall shapeliness to the playing, even at its most robust and gutsy. A fine release beautifully recorded – well worth exploring.’
Classic CD on CHAN 0591 (Biber)

CHAN 0655
Haydn: London Symphonies, Vol. 1

‘All in all, this is the finest disc of Haydn’s sacred music I have heard – an enthralling release.’
BBC Music Magazine on CHAN 0612 (Harmoniemesse etc.)

CHAN 0656
Marcello: Arianna

‘Filippo Maria Bressan’s all-Italian forces give a vivid performance of this fascinating if uneven work… Recommended to any baroque enthusiast who fancies venturing off the beaten track.’
The Daily Telegraph on CHAN 0637 (Marcello)

CHAN 0650
Handel: Handel At The Opera
CHAN 0653
Bach: Lutheran Masses, Vol. 2

The Singers balance beautifully… and oboes shadowed their parts and thicken the texture. Everyone bounced along in autonomous counterpoint.
Evening Standard on the concert of this recording

CHAN 0652
Palestrina: Music for Good Friday
CHAN 0645
Haydn: Heiligmesse · Nikolaimesse
CHAN 0647
Vivaldi: Paris Concertos
CHAN 0644
Handel: Harpsichord Works, Vol. 1
CHAN 0648
Boyce: Trio Sonatas

Simon Standage and his musicians – all playing on beautiful period instruments – are excellent advocates of this music which they play with elegance and simplicity, never trying to ‘show off’ uselessly through excessive tempi, but, on the contrary, keeping the whole performance under poised control, which precludes neither sensitivity nor grace. This music really deserves to be better known and this version really does it justice.

CHAN 0642
Bach: Lutheran Masses, Vol. 1

The Purcell Quartet’s first volume of Masses is very welcome… the clarity of texture is superlative, making this an excellent introduction to these pieces… all the instrumental playing is vivid, intelligent and sensitive.
Early Music Review

CHAN 0640
Haydn: Nelson Mass/ Ave Regina/Missa Brevis

This disc… the fifth in an impressive Chandos series of Haydn Masses blazes with energy and angst in equal measure.

CHAN 0638
Stanley: Concertos For Strings, Op. 2

Collegium Musicum 90, directed by Simon Standage, offers exemplary performances: last movements vigorously projected with taut rhythms, slow movements stylish and expressive
The Times

CHAN 0637
Marcello: Requiem In The Venetian Manner
CHAN 0633
Haydn: Paukenmesse

This is another excellent CD in the Haydn Mass Edition from Chandos. These are performances of enormous vitality and vigorous clarity… In a word, it is outstanding.
Early Music Review

CHAN 0621
Sirinu - The Complete Music Of Henry VIII: All Goodly Sports

                       Chamber Choice
                 Performance *****          Sound *****
"...The five multi-talented members of Sirinu all take a large number of roles, including singing, and are joined by the tenor Hugh Wilson, but the most prominent voice is that of Sara Stowe, who softens her naturally bright soprano very stylishly..."

Adrian Jack - Classic CD - October 1998

CHAN 0616
Handel: Concerti Grossi Op. 6

"In Fanfare 21:2  I waxed lyrical about the first volume in Chandos’s traversal of Handel’s great Opus 6. Volume 2 I find ever more delightful. The playing of Collegium Musicum 90under Simon Standage’s leadership is as crisp and musical as ever..."

Bernard Jacobson - Fanfare - November/December 1998

CHAN 0614
Vivaldi: Ottone In Villa

"... warmly recomended ..."

Michael Talbot - IOC - Autumn 1998

CHAN 0617
Palestrina: Music for Maundy Thursday

"... This is superbly controlled but at the same time deeply felt singing, worthy of these-and I do not hesitate to use the word- masterpieces of sacred art." *****

Ivan Moody - Goldberg

CHAN 0602
Albinoni: Double Oboe & String Concertos, Vol. 1

"...Simon Standage’s survey of oboe and double-oboe concertos on Chandos is top choice in this repertoire. Anthony Robson plays all eight solo concertos from Op 7 and 9 using a period oboe. His tone is most appealing and his phrasing and musicianship are second to none. Simon Standage provides alert accompaniments, also using original instruments, and creates bright, athletic string timbres. Catherine Latham joins him to complete the Collegium Musicum 90 sets of Op 7 & 9, including the works from strings. The artistic results are very lively and refreshing."

The Penguin Guide - 1000 Greatest Classical Recordings 2011-12

CHAN 0610
Albinoni: Double Oboe & String Concertos, Vol. 2
CHAN 0612
Haydn: Harmoniemesse

All in all, this is the finest disc of Haydn sacred music I have heard – an enthralling release.
BBC Music Magazine

CHAN 0609
Byrd: The Caged Byrd
CHAN 0607
Quantz: Flute Sonatas
CHAN 0605
Biber: Sacro-Profanum
CHAN 0600
Handel: Concerti Grossi Op.6, Vol. 1

Fine musicianship here which stresses the courtly rather than the peasantish side of Handel, and the recording also brings out elegance rather than solidarity.
Hi-Fi News

CHAN 0582
Leclair: Violin Sonatas
CHAN 0599
Haydn: Creation Mass
CHAN 0594
Bach: Concertos for Violin & Strings
CHAN 0598
Sophie Yates - La Sophie: Works for Harpsichord

If this disc fails to ignite your enthusiasm for the harpsichord and its repertoire, then probably nothing else will…
BBC Music Magazine

CHAN 0593
Telemann: Music of the Nations
CHAN 0590
Bach: Organ Music, Vol. 4
CHAN 0591
Biber: Sonatae Tam Aris...
CHAN 0592
Haydn: Theresienmesse
CHAN 0569
Purcell: Dioclesian (Complete)
CHAN 0583
Handel: Apollo E Daphne
CHAN 0589
Leclair: Violin Concertos, Vol. 3
CHAN 0580
Telemann: Triple Concertos
CHAN 0578
Byrd: Early Works for Voices, Viols & Virginals
CHAN 0579
Albinoni: Oboe Concertos
CHAN 0571
Purcell: Quartet
CHAN 0564
Leclair: Violin Concertos, Vol. 2
CHAN 0566
Schutz: Symphoniae Sacrae
CHAN 0551
Leclair: Violin Concertos
CHAN 0554
Handel: Chandos Anthems Box Set
CHAN 0547
Telemann: La Bouffonne

"...Standage and his group make the very most of Telemann’s remarkable orchestral palette and play with great vitality as well as finesse."

The Penguin Guide - 1000 Greatest Classical Recordings 2011-12

CHAN 0548
Telemann: Die Donner-Ode
CHAN 0549
Telemann: Sonates Corellisantes
CHAN 0541
CM90 / Standage - Music from the Court of Frederick the Great
CHAN 0542
Leclair: Sonates & Overtures Op. 13
CHAN 0538
Michael Chance - Elizabethan Lute Songs
CHAN 0535
Scheibe/ Hasse/Agrell: Flute Concertos
CHAN 0536
Leclair: Sonatas
CHAN 0533
Bach: B Minor Mass
CHAN 0527
Bach: Organ Works, Vol. 3
CHAN 0528
Vivaldi: Double Concertos
CHAN 0529
Scottish Early Music Consort - Mary's Music Songs And Dances
CHAN 0525
Telemann: Domestic Music
CHAN 0522
Handel: Messiah

'Richard Hickox… has succeeded in conveying to me the humanity of Handel's masterly score, its contrasts, its gestures, its radiance and its tenderness.'

CHAN 0521
Purcell: Dido and Aeneas
CHAN 0518
Vivaldi: Ostro Picta · Gloria · Bach: Magnificat
CHAN 0519
Telemann: La Changeante, Vol. 1
CHAN 0517
Handel: Dixit Dominus
CHAN 0524
Circa 1500 - Renaissance Music from the Courts of Mantua and Ferrara
CHAN 0511
Vivaldi: Sonatas For Strings, Vol. 2
CHAN 0510
Bach: Organ Works, Vol. 2
CHAN 0513
Tallis: Sacred Choral Works
CHAN 0502
Vivaldi: Sonatas for Strings, Vol. 1
CHAN 0507
Bach: St John Passion
CHAN 0514
Piet Kee - Buxtehude/ Sweelinck: Organ Works
CHAN 0509
Handel: Chandos Anthems, Vol. 4
CHAN 0505
Handel: Chandos Anthems, Vol. 3
CHAN 0506
Bach: Organ Works, Vol. 1
CHAN 0501
Piet Kee - Bach/ Buxtehude: Organ Works
CHAN 0504
Handel: Chandos Anthems, Vol. 2
CHAN 0503
Handel: Chandos Anthems, Vol. 1
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