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Robert Redhead

Robert H. Redhead ( Manchester , 1940 ) is a Canadian composer , conductor and tubaist .

Redhead came into contact with the music inside the local brass band of the Army of Salvation . From 1964 he is the Army of Army Officer, both as a leader and promoter of musical development as well as a pastor of the church congregations, but also in administrative functions. In 1965 he married Gwenyth Sutton, who also worked in the Army of Salvation. Together they worked in a municipality in east London . Then Robert Redhead became a teacher and instructor at the London Army Training College.

In 1971 he became responsible leader of the "International Music Editorial Department" of the Army of London in London. At the same time he was tubaist in the well-known International Staff Band of the Army of Salvation in London. In 1976, the Redhead family went to Canada and Robert became Director of the Music Department and conductor of the Canadian Staff Band . With this orchestra he made concert trips through many countries in the world. Later he became an officer of the "Southmount Corps" in Vancouver .

Already in the UK he started composing both brass band and choir and vocal music. For the "National Brass Band Championships of Great Britain" in 1996, he wrote the mandatory work Isaiah 40 . This work was also mandatory during the national championships in Norway , the Netherlands , Switzerland and Australia and again in 2007 in the Championship Section of the Regional Championships in the United Kingdom. Many of his great brass band works are recorded on CD or for radio broadcasts. Because his wife was a good writer of dramas, two musicals, Chains of Gold and Ruth , developed in collaboration.

In 1990 he returned to London and became conductor of the "International Staff Band" of the Army of Salvation. In 1994 he returned to Canada. In between, he was still working in New Zealand . In 2005, he retired and now lives in Orillia (Ontario) with his entire family.

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