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James Ord Hume

James Ord Hume ( Edinburgh , September 14, 1864 - London , November 27, 1932 ) was a Scottish composer , conductor , musicologist and cornettist . For certain works, he used the pseudonyms: William German , Paul Haake and Lilian Raymond

At the age of sixteen, at the age of sixteen, Ord Hume was a cornettist at the Royal Chapel's Royal Chapel in Dalkeith . In 1890 he resigned at this military orchestra. He was very interested in developments in the wind music world. From a letter from 1895 to the conductor James Alexander Browne (1838-1914) of the Royal Horse Artillery Band (1870-1878), he found that he was educated in 1895 as conductor of the "Band of the 3rd Durham Light Infantry" in Sunderland used to be. Within the British army he was advanced to the rank of Lieutanant-Colonel.

In addition to his work as a composer of wind music, he became a professional brass band conductor and major initiator for the brass band movement. As a jury in competitions he made a big name in Britain and beyond. For several years in Australia and New Zealand , he worked as a jury in brass band competitions including the Ballarat Royal South Street competitions of 1902 and 1924. Ord Hume was well-known with the composer Sir Arthur Sullivan and directed the orchestra in the concert that took place in 1900 at the London Crystal Palace in honor of the great composer.

As a composer he wrote to the 200 works. The spectrum ranges from the many marches - of which BB & CF is best known - to the Bohemian Suite .

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