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Brexit, VAT and shipments to the EU

From 1st January 2021, with the UK no longer part of the European Union, our sales to customers in EU countries will be treated as exports and we will no longer collect VAT (sales taxes) on your behalf. Prices for CDs to the EU will be charged with the UK VAT removed.

Orders under €22 in value

If your order is under €22 in value, and sent in the post you should receive it local VAT free, ie. without having to pay any additional costs, apart form the countries listed below:

SWEDEN - We've been informed by customers in Sweden that the under 22 euro exemption is not being applied.
All orders going through PostNord Sverige are subject to import VAT 25% for CDs plus a declaration fee or SEK 75. 

DENMARK - We've been informed by customers in Denmark that the PostNord Danmark are applying a DKK 80 limit.
All orders above this amount going through PostNord Danmark are subject to import VAT (25%) plus a declaration fee or DKK 160. 


Orders above €22 in value

If your order is above €22 in value, we will discount the UK VAT from the web price quoted but you will be liable for import VAT at the time of delivery via the postal/courier service in your country (probably along with a one off clearance fee). The amount of the VAT payable will depend on how the items are classed for VAT in your country.
The clearance fee rate will be set by the postal/courier company.
The exact implementation of this is likely to vary across different postal services, and there may be some grace period for orders from the UK over the initial weeks and months in some countries.


We will generally ship all the items in your order together, and this will make up the value declared on the package.
Please do not ask us to part ship orders in order to try and keep under the €22 limit.
You are however welcome to place multiple smaller orders if you choose to do so.

From 1st July 2021

From 1st July 2021 the system will change again: the €22 threshold will disappear completely, and we will revert back to collecting the VAT at the time of sale and remit on your behalf to the tax authority in your country.
This will apply to orders up to €150 in value (over 95% of the orders we receive from the EU are under this amount).   

VAT on Download orders

Since 2015, under the VAT MOSS scheme we already collect VAT on Download orders at the rate determined by your country (based on your IP address) and this is remitted to your country's tax authority. Therefore, nothing changes with regard to downloads.

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